Zoom Frequently Asked Questions

This section outlines several common questions regarding the use of Zoom.

What can I use Zoom for?

Zoom can be used to host education, research and administrative meetings. Zoom cannot be used for telemedicine / telehealth visits.

How can I get started with Zoom?

To get started, follow these instructions to receive your Zoom account.

I created my Zoom account. How do I connect Zoom to Outlook?

Linking Zoom to Outlook depends on whether you access Zoom via the Outlook Desktop Client or the Outlook Web Client. Please choose the appropriate installation instructions from the links below:

I use the Outlook Desktop Client

To add Zoom to the Microsoft Outlook Desktop client, visit the Zoom Client Downloads website. Click the Download button under heading the «Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook».

I use the Outlook Web Client

To add Zoom to the Microsoft Outlook Web client, visit the Microsoft Store Zoom for Outlook plugin page and click «Get It Now». You will need to log in to Microsoft O365 with your Penn-affiliated email account.

What is the difference between BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams and Zoom?

Each video conferencing tool has different strengths and weaknesses. ISC has published a comparison of each tool, which you can access here. As a PSOM faculty, staff or student, you can choose the most appropriate video conferencing tool for your situation.

Can I discuss sensitive data, such as PHI, FERPA, HR or financial data on a Zoom call? Is Zoom HIPAA compliant?

Yes, if you access your Zoom account via https://pennmedicine.zoom.us/. This Zoom environment has been configured with the appropriate controls to support HIPAA compliance by default. The main University of Pennsylvania environment (https://upenn.zoom.us/) is not necessarily configured to be HIPAA compliant by default.

More information about the appropriate use of Zoom meetings for subject visits, telemedicine, and meetings discussing PHI can be found on the Office of Clinical Research website.

More information about the use of sensitive data with Zoom, BlueJeans and Microsoft Teams can be found on ISC's website.

Why is Zoom Cloud Recording disabled? Can I enable it?

Zoom Cloud Recording is disabled by default for all users in the Penn Medicine Zoom environment because Zoom has stated that this feature is not HIPAA compliant. Individual users can request to have Zoom Cloud Recording enabled by attesting that they assume responsibility for not recording meetings where PHI will be shared or discussed. The attestation form can be found here.

How many attendees can I have in a meeting?

Each Zoom license includes the ability to schedule meetings with up to 300 attendees.

How do I host a webinar?

A webinar license must be purchased to host a webinar. Pricing for the license is based on the number of attendees per webinar and is billed yearly. Feature differences between a meeting and webinar. 

Webinar 500: $1,260

Webinar 1000: $3,060

Webinar 3000: $8,910

Please email pm-zoom@pennmedicine.upenn.edu with a budget code to obtain a webinar license.

Are other add-on options available to Zoom?

Yes. UPenn Zoom pricing.

Can I host multiple meetings at the same time?

According to Zoom, each licensed user can host up to two meetings simultaneously. However, users can only be actively joined to one meeting at a time. More information can be found here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206122046-Can-I-Host-Concurrent-Meetings-.

Can I schedule meetings on behalf of someone else? Does scheduling meetings on behalf of another user work with the Outlook plugins?

Yes, this functionality is available. More information is available on the Zoom website at the following location: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362803-Scheduling-privilege.

Is there more information about how I can set up and work with Zoom?

There are a variety of additional resources available to learn more about maximizing your use of Zoom. Several resources can be found below:

Are there additional Zoom features available?

Yes, there are several additional Zoom features available at an additional cost. For more information, please visit the ISC brokered products website.

What email address is used for Zoom?

Your email address will appear as pennkey@upenn.edu in Zoom. This address cannot be changed and is used for logging in to Zoom. If this is not your email address, rules have been created to forward Zoom email from your pennkey@upenn.edu to your email address. If you are not receiving Zoom requests, please contact medhelp@pennmedicine.upenn.edu for assistance.

My university colleagues using upenn.zoom.us can integrate Zoom with Canvas. Can I integrate my  Penn Medicine Zoom with Canvas?

Canvas and Panopto integration are now available!

I would like to integrate Zoom with another application or service I use. Can I do that? (Updated Sep 30, 2020)

Penn Medicine has developed an assessment process where integration requests are reviewed and assessed as to whether they be enabled. Please click here to learn more.

Does Zoom support closed captions? (Updated December 10, 2020)

Zoom can integrate with 3rd party closed caption systems, but Zoom itself does not provide automatic closed captioning services. The University has a master services agreement with a provider called 3Play Media for captioning services, but anyone seeking to use this service would need to establish their own statement of work directly with 3Play Media.

Update as of December 10, 2020: Zoom has announced that closed captioning services will become available natively by the end of January 2021. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Can I use the Zoom AI Companion? (Updated October 5, 2023)

At this time, the University has made a decision to disable this feature across all Penn Zoom environments, including Penn Medicine Zoom. This decision has been made due to a lack of clarity surrounding the Terms of Service with regards to these new features.

Cloud Recordings & Whiteboards: How long does Zoom store this information? (Updated January 3, 2024)

The Penn Medicine Zoom environment is configured to retain copies for 120 days. After 120 days, items are moved to trash for 30 days, after which time they are permanently deleted. Recordings and whiteboards should be downloaded or transferred to another service before the expiration date.

I am having trouble accessing Zoom. Who can I contact for help?

For assistance with Zoom, please open a ticket with the PMACS Helpdesk.