Staff, Trainees, and Fellows

Clinical Research Staff

  • Aarthi Kaviyarasu

    Aarthi Kaviyarasu

    Clinical Research Coordinator, Resuscitative TEE Collaborative Registry (rTEECoRe), TTM Academy
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  • Saleem Halablab, MD

    Saleem Halablab, MD

    Postdoctoral Clinical Research Coordinator, Recovery of Consciousness Via Evidence-Based Medicine and Research (RECOVER) Program
     Email Saleem Halablab, MD
  • Anahita Ghorbani, MD

    Anahita Ghorbani, MD

    Postdoctoral Clinical Research Coordinator, Penn Acute Research Collaboration (PARC)
     Email Anahita Ghorbani, MD
  • Dena Torrente

    Dena Torrente

    Project Manager
     Email Dena Torrente
  • David Buckler, MUSA EMT-P

    David Buckler, MUSA EMT-P

    Affiliated Project Manager, TTM Academy
  • Nathaniel Sands, MPH

    Nathaniel Sands, MPH

    Affiliated Project Manager, Resuscitative TEE Collaborative Registry (rTEECoRe)

The Mobile CPR Project

Trainees & Fellows