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Congratulations to Nicole Hernandez and Felicia Davatolhagh, NGG Ph.D. students & SACNAS chapter members, for being awarded the HMMI Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study! 




NRSA - F31

Enrique Lin Shiao (4th year BMB student from the Berger Lab) 

-Title of Research Project: Role of p53 family members in epithelial lieaneage establishment and maintenance.


Tré Artis (PennPREP scholar in the Bartolomei Lab) 

- Nohely Abreu (PennPREP scholar in the Holzbaur Lab) 

- Nicole Palacio Betancur (PennPREP scholar in the Shin Lab) 

- Antonia Bass (2nd year CAMB/MVP student from the Shin Lab)

- (not pictured) Ronald Rodriguez (PennPREP scholar in the Pohlschroder Lab)



Nikaela W. Bryan: Pd-catalyzed arylation of linear and angular spirodiamine salts under aerobic conditions (from rotation at Mach Lab)

Alejandro D. Arroyo (Delikatny Lab): Coenzyme A thioester formation of 11- and 15-oxo-eicosatetraenoic acid. (from rotation at Blair Lab)

Adrian Rivera (Bassing Lab): Immature Lymphocytes Inhibit Rag1 and Rag2 Transcription and V(D)J Recombination in Response to DNA Double-Strand Breaks

Katherine Quiroz (Rader Lab): Lineage A Betacoronavirus NS2 proteins and homologous Torovirus Berne pp1a-carboxyterminal domain are phosphodiesterases that antagonize activation of RNase L (from SUIP at Weiss Lab)

Kevin Alicea (Gabrilovich Lab): Lectin-type oxidized LDL receptor-1 distinguishes population of human polymorphonuclear myeloid-derived suppressor cells in cancer patients

Leon Morales (Stedman Lab): Suite of clinically relevant functional assays to address therapeutic efficacy and disease mechanism in the dystrophic mdx mouse.

Nicole Hernandez (Schmidt Lab):  Effects of LY466195, a selective kainate receptor antagonist, on ethanol preference and drinking in rats.

Izmarie Poventud-Fuentes (Brass Lab): Hierarchical organization of the hemostatic response to penetrating injuries in the mouse macrovasculature

Roland Santiago (Speicher Lab): Full-Length Anion Exchanger 1 Structure and Interactions with Ankyrin-1 Determined by Zero Length Crosslinking of Erythrocyte Membranes.