2021 SP Engagement Survey Results

Greetings, SPs! We conducted a Penn Med SP Engagement Survey at the end of 2021, distributed to 176 people who had worked regularly during the pandemic; we did not include brand-new hires. We received 112 responses, a 63% response rate. For answers to recurring questions from past surveys, please see FAQs and our video responses below; the SP Program Manual is a wealth of information on policies and procedures.

Due to the volume of comments, we are linking to the full unedited list of comments for your perusal. The vast majority of you gave us positive reinforcement, with a healthy amount of constructive, actionable feedback. We appreciate that people feel comfortable sharing their honest feelings; creating a safe space is one of our core values. While there are limitations to our sphere of influence, we are recommitting to refine and better communicate our Program’s mission, vision and values. As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, and with your input, we’ve outlined actionable steps to align our actions with these drivers in mind.

Learn more about our ongoing and future initiatives, which address many of the concerns you share. This letter is posted on the SPMS Resources page so you can refer back to it at your leisure. We need your help and encourage you to consider being part of the change you want to see—refer people in your circles for SP work to help us become a more diverse workforce. Join our SP-staffed Recruitment and Retention Committee. Use Penn’s Bias Incident Reporting form when you witness or experience culturally insensitive actions. Pitch ideas to improve the communication flow. Use the SP check-in form to suggest improvements.

These survey results and subsequent discussions with many of you are helping us reimagine our structure, and shift to a more streamlined, non-hierarchical climate. Our goal is to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. We are eager to move the program forward with all your collaboration. Thank you!

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