Past Lab Members

  • Mohamad-Gabriel Alameh, Ph.D.

    Mohamad-Gabriel Alameh, Ph.D.

    Postdoctoral Fellow
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  • Goutham Bojja, B.S.

    Goutham Bojja, B.S.

    Graduate Student
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  • Wendy Bonilla-Acosta, M.S.

    Wendy Bonilla-Acosta, M.S.

    Research Specialist
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  • Alicia Costábile, M.S., Ph.D.

    Alicia Costábile, M.S., Ph.D.

    Short-term Intern
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  • Victoria Gribman, B.A.

    Victoria Gribman, B.A.

    Student Intern
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  • Margaret Lippincott, M.S.

    Margaret Lippincott, M.S.

    Research Specialist
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  • Kevin Li

    Kevin Li

    High School Student
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  • Hiromi Muramatsu, Ph.D.

    Hiromi Muramatsu, Ph.D.

    Senior Research Investigator
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  • Tyler Ellis Papp, B.S.

    Tyler Ellis Papp, B.S.

    Research Specialist
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  • Norbert Pardi, Ph.D.

    Norbert Pardi, Ph.D.

    Research Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Hamideh Parhiz, PharmD, Ph.D.

    Hamideh Parhiz, PharmD, Ph.D.

    Research Assistant Professor of Medicine
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  • Matthew Pine, Ph.D.

    Matthew Pine, Ph.D.

    Ph.D. Candidate & Postdoctoral Fellow
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  • Bryn V. Queeley, M.S.

    Bryn V. Queeley, M.S.

    Research Specialist
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  • Erin Reagan, Ph.D.

    Erin Reagan, Ph.D.

    Ph.D. Candidate
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  • Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez

    Research Specialist
  • Hamna Shahnawaz,B.A.

    Hamna Shahnawaz,B.A.

    Research Specialist
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  • Adam Sirusas, B.A.

    Adam Sirusas, B.A.

    Research Specialist
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  • Chutamath (Mint) Sittplangkoon, B.S.

    Chutamath (Mint) Sittplangkoon, B.S.

    Ph.D. Candidate
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  • Obinna Uzosike

    Obinna Uzosike

    Undergraduate Student
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  • Dian Wang, M.B.

    Dian Wang, M.B.

    Research Specialist
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  • Amir Yadegari, M.Sc.

    Amir Yadegari, M.Sc.

    Research Specialist
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  • Ousamah Younoss Soliman, M.Sc.

    Ousamah Younoss Soliman, M.Sc.

    Research Specialist
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Awurama Akyianu, Research Specialist

Majed Ghattas, B.S., Visiting Ph.D. Student, Polytechnique Montréal   

Hiba Imad, High School Student  SPIDR Summer Intern 2022

Blair Williams, High School Student, Summer Intern 2023.  Blair is a rising senior at the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, PA. In university she plans to pursue a pre-med and public health track. She works under Dr. Elena Atochina-Vasserman and primarily produces mRNA for the norovirus vaccine. 

Raymond Zelada, Undergraduate Student, University of Rochester  SPIDR Summer Intern 2022