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CBT-I Provider Directory

In an effort to create a comprehensive list of CBT-I providers around the world, the UPenn Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program has collected contact and certification information of known CBT-I providers. The list of providers is below, as a link to a PDF. This can be searched by engaging the "Find" function <CTRL F>. We recognize that the "static page" approach is cumbersome and we hope to have a better method in place to search (and update) the directory soon. Hopefully, the update function will be able to pull up your old record for editing...But for now you'll need to submit a new entry. If you would like to be added to the database (or update your entry), please complete the survey at the link below.

CBT-I Provider Directory

Maps of CBT-I Providers

US Map (CBT-I Providers)

US Map (CBSM Providers)

US Cities Map (CBT-I Providers)


Click here to add your information to our CBT-I Provider Database.


View the current CBT-I Provider List
(updated June 2017)

Acknowledgement. We would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Michael Grandner for inspiring us to take a cartographic view of things, including a density perspective on "where are the CBT-I and BSM providers?". Special Thanks to Arthur Thomas for helping us conduct the CBT-I provider survey and for doing the hard work of tabulating and mapping the data.

Closing Caveat. The work on the directory and the mapping continues… As we move forward we'll correct what needs correcting and improve both content and the functionality of the page. One error in particular deserves note: we forget to include Washington DC in the mapping. We'll correct this going forward.

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