Your Extramural Consultant List must be approved by the school COAP, Dean, and Provost.

Progressive Strategies

  • Keep lists of individuals 
    • you meet at conferences
    • with whom you serve on committees or boards
    • mentioned by colleagues you know and respect
    • who publish in the same or similar journals
  • Meet with invited speakers at Penn
  • Ask your mentors and PSOM colleagues about speaking opportunities for yourself
  • Ask your mentors to review your list

Retrospective Strategies

  • Review the presenter list from conferences or meetings you've attended (usually via the website). 
  • Review the member list of societies to which you belong.
  • Use the US News and World Report list of top ranked medical schools to find peer institutions and the individuals who work in your field for these schools.
  • Do a PubMed search on a focused area of your research and scholarship.

Social Media Strategies

Tweeting during a conference or meeting can be an effective way to network. 

  • Create a twitter handle that is as close to your professional name as possible.
  • Use the conference or meeting #.
  • Tweet @presenters, posters, as well as @colleagues who are also tweeting with the #.
  • Retweet or "Like" to show appreciation for a good posting. 
  • Follow colleagues who are active on twitter during the conference. 
  • Let other conference attendees know when a session is particularly good. 
    • Tweet at the presenter
    • Use the #
  • Use Twitter or a third party program, such as HootSuite or TweetDeck to take notes during sessions. 
    • Tweet formative notes out at the conclusion of each session as tweets.
    • Tweet summative notes out at the conclusion of each day or of the conference via a url from Evernote or other web-based note system.
  • Add your twitter handle to your conference bio.


Before you submit your list, make sure no one on it has passed away.