While we acknowledge that when possible, our dynamic faculty generally require just-in-time learning delivered in flexible digital modalities, there are some content areas and competency goals that are most effectively addressed with a good old fashioned classroom setting. Accordingly, we continue to offer traditional workshops, and, increasingly, hybrid combinations of online and "off-line" options. 

What is the Difference Between a Traditional and a Hybrid Workshop?

Traditional Workshops via the Advance program are instructor or faculty-led, face-to-face, 90-minute offerings located at the Perelman School of Medicine or, in customized versions, at your department or division grand rounds or meetings. These sessions offer opportunities to network with colleagues, engage in lively discussion, and benefit from faculty/instructor expertise.

Hybrid Workshops offer added value and peer networking through building upon the traditional model with pre-workshop micro-learning, online discussion, and/or brief checks for prior knowledge to ensure face-to-face meetings are customized and highly efficient. Post-workshop follow-up may take a variety of forms, but are always designed for brevity and quick turn-around application.

Coming Soon: Hybrid and Traditional Workshops for the 2018-2019 Academic Year






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Highlighted Session: Teaching Disclosures to Resident and Fellows


  • Identify communication skills specific to adverse event disclosure
  • Discuss how to incorporate Standardized Patients as a teaching strategy for adverse event disclosure.
  • Practice your feedback and coaching skills to help trainees successfully lead a disclosure conversation


A multi-modal approach

Part One: Asynchronous Blog Session: April 2-April 21: 10-Minute Commitment: Participants will watch a short case-based video scenario and provide a brief response to a prompt

Part Two: Facilitated Workshop with Standardized Patients: Wednesday, April 25, 3:00-4:30PM: 90-Minute Commitment: Facilitators will lead an interactive, engaging session wherein participants practice and receive feedback on critical components of teaching and providing feedback to learners related to adverse event disclosures.

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