Penn Medicine Modular Workbooks

New Modular Workbooks – Standard Workbook Updated and New Workbooks for R03s and R21s

Workbook updated 7/30/07 for latest fringe benefit rate change

We have revised the Penn-specific Excel workbooks for NIH modular budgets. The workbooks will:

  • ensure that sufficient funds are requested in modular budgets;
  • provide a simplified tool for faster budget development;
  • reduce errors when preparing modular applications.

These workbooks have all the necessary instructions for using the worksheets and preparing a modular budget and the required forms. There are links to NIH's modular information on the web. The NIH checklist is also included. Please note that we are no longer offering the budget justification worksheet in these workbooks.

The revisions include:

  • the increased NIH salary cap to $186,600;
  • current NIH post-doctoral salaries (used by the SOM for Post-Doctoral Researchers in research projects); and
  • the decreased full-time benefits rate (29.5% is used for all years).
Will these workbooks still be available after transitioning to submissions?

The modular budget page mimics the PHS398 budget page and requests only applicant organization and consortium direct costs (line 1), consortium F&A costs (line 2), and total amount requested from applicant organization (line 3 = line 1 + line 2). You will still need to determine the correct modular amount to request and can use these workbooks to calculate that amount.

Will I need these workbooks after Penn starts using InfoEd's web-based proposal development application?

No, when Penn fully transitions to PennERA Proposal Developpment (PD), the workbooks won't be needed as PD will calculate the modules for users. Contact your ORSS Grants Specialist for additional instructions about entering a modified modular budget in PD.

If you experience any problems with downloads or difficulties with the workbooks, please contact:

Marianne Achenbach
Executive Director, ORSS

These workbooks are password-protected. While ORSS does not offer unprotected versions, we are happy to work with users to develop a workbook that meets their specific needs.

To download these files, either right-click ( Windows) or control-click ( Mac) and choose download link to disk: