Meet a PennMedicine Researcher


Ben E. Black, Ph.D.Ben E. Black, PhD

Ben E. Black, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics research. He has been recognized for his remarkable progress in getting to the mechanistic core of central cellular processes to understand how they really work.

Dr. Black’s work has provided a well-defined protein structure/dynamics explanation for a fundamental biological process with great importance across medicine. He has rapidly developed a unique complement of very creative research strategies across several disciplines that address a central problem in biology:  the physical mechanism by which the correct complement of chromosomes is passed on during every cell division. This is crucial for any multicellular organism, and errors in this process are at the root of many human cancers, as well as several other diseases. Dr. Black brings to bear on this question an enormous breadth and depth of knowledge that ranges from genetics, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics. Moreover, he combines his extensive expertise with the creativity required to take truly innovative approaches and put them into practice. His excellence in research epitomizes the commitment to community and public service embodied by the ideal Penn faculty member.