Meet a PennMedicine Researcher


Craig H. Bassing, Ph.D.Craig Bassing, PhD

Craig H. Bassing, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, is engaged in exciting and important work that has potentially broad implications for evolutionary biology, basic cell biology and human health and disease. His research into the mechanisms that underlie lymphocyte development and DNA recombination-based T cell and B cell receptor diversity has resulted in “game changing” hypothesis: the regulation of antigen-receptor gene rearrangements and general DNA damage responses co-evolved to develop an effective, adaptive immune system that does not predispose the host organism to auto-immunity or cancer. This, and other equally significant hypotheses resulting from his work, could have a critical effect on human diseases, particularly autoimmunity, lymphoma and leukomogenesis.

Since joining Penn in 2005, Dr. Bassing has proven to be an energetic and collegial member of the research community. He has published numerous papers in collaboration with other investigators, and is training several Ph.D. students, teaching several courses and participating in thesis committees. The success of his innovative and potentially ground-breaking research can be seen in papers published in Molecular Cell and Nature Immunology, one of the top journals in the immunology field, as well as a paper in the prestigious Journal of Experimental Medicine. Dr. Bassing is the recipient of numerous awards, as well as two RO1s and a Pew Scholar Award in the Biomedical Sciences.