Meet a PennMedicine Researcher


Victoria A. Miller, PhDVictoria A. Miller, PhD

Victoria A. Miller, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, is the winner of the 2014 Marjorie A. Bowman New Investigator Research Award, which recognizes a junior faculty member whose research has illuminated a fundamental clinical problem or improved the organization and delivery of health care. Dr. Miller’s research examines affective and relational aspects of child, parent, and family decision making. 

One focus of her work is independent self-management of chronic illness, with an emphasis on the parent-child relationship as an important context in which decision making independence and competence develop. 

The second focus of Dr. Miller’s research is on informed consent and assent for medical research. She has developed two new measurement tools to assess aspects of decision making in these areas. The Decision Making Involvement Scale (DMIS) measures children’s involvement in decisions about chronic illness management, and the Decision Making Control Instrument (DMCI) assesses the voluntariness of parents making decisions for their seriously ill children. Dr. Miller is the Director of Research in the Division of Adolescent Medicine at CHOP, Associate Editor of AJOB Empirical Bioethics, and an editorial board member of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology.   She has had continuous funding from NIH since 2007, as PI on K23, R01, and R21 grants.  Dr. Miller has established herself as a nationally-recognized investigator who will continue to shape the direction of thought, investigation and clinical practice related to child, parent, and family decision making in pediatric medical settings.