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"The Medical Faculty Senate is the open forum of the Medical Faculty for discussion of all issues affecting the operation and development of the Medical Center." Excerpted from the Bylaws.

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Elections are held in the spring of each year to determine the membership of both the Medical Faculty Senate Steering Committee (MFSSC) as well as the Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility (CAFR). While CAFR meets on an "as needed" basis the MFSSC meets monthly to discuss issues that are important to the faculty.

A Message from the Medical Faculty Senate Chair

Rebecca A. Simmons, M.D.

Chair, Medical Faculty Senate

On behalf of the members of the Medical Faculty Senate Steering Committee (MFSSC), it is my pleasure to welcome you to the new academic year! The Medical Faculty Senate Steering Committee plays an important role in representing the faculty of the Perelman School of Medicine, and acts as a liaison to the administration to ensure that the will and opinion of the faculty are heard. The MFSSC participates in deliberations regarding school policy, assists in the development and review of the curriculum for its students, and promotes communication between faculty, students and administrative officers. It is our responsibility and privilege to represent you and to share your concerns and recommendations with Dean Jameson and other members of the Medical Center and University administration. This committee has a long and distinguished history of influencing change and we continue to welcome and value your thoughts as we pursue our mission. Initiatives that the MFSSC continues to be involved in for this academic year include:

  • Defining what is teaching, how we count it and how we assess it. This important initiative iscoming to fruition soon.
  • Updating the bylaws of the Medical Faculty Senate Steering Committee

As your representatives, members of the MFSSC will be reaching out to you for your input on issues that affect your academic life at Penn Medicine. We welcome any opinions and suggestions that can enhance professional development and career satisfaction in our institution. We can be reached via email at I can also be contacted directly at Academic medicine champions innovation. Even as change offers new opportunities, it also engenders uncertain and significant challenges. The MFSSC and the Senate serve as forums for discussion and expression of opinion regarding matters of interest, concern or importance to the faculty. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments or concerns.