CPUP Committee on Anti-Racism

Message from the Co-Chairs

We are humbled and honored to be selected as co-chairs of the newly formed CPUP Committee on Anti-Racism, and to lead such an impressive team of thought leaders, rich in its diversity, life experiences and knowledge. 

America is currently experiencing a veritable sea change in its awareness of race and the all-encompassing and determinative role that systemic racism has played and continues to play in our society.

The high proportion of Black and Brown deaths as a result of COVID-19 has highlighted the race-based inequality in the health care system.  It affects both the health of individuals and the public health of the community. The disadvantages minorities contend with in not having adequate health care coverage are intensified by their experiences in the health care system itself. The literature abounds with examples of the negative attitudes and implicit, unconscious biases which minorities encounter in health care settings. 

In recognition of the pervasive problem of structural racism in health care systems, and the uneasy history of racial discrimination locally and in society at large, the Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania has made a conscious commitment to tangible change.  This is an ingrained, sustained, societal problem that needs to be addressed, remedied and fixed.

This CPUP Committee on  Anti-Racism has been formed to contribute to effecting that change.

This Committee is committed to making concrete, positive and fundamental changes to reject and eliminate the longstanding and established disparities and inequities which provide support, and form the basis of racist views, actions, attitudes, and philosophies.

Our overall intent is to create a safe space for reporting examples of racism, and to create a process to train personnel to have conversations about race.  As we go forward, we will institute a Follow, Listen, Learn and Lead approach.  We will focus on CPUP, its administration, its departments and its clinical sites, and will seek to understand and address any and all issues of structural racism in the workplace and with patients.  We will increase our awareness of, and immediately address, any disparities of care we identify.

To date, we have finalized the membership of our committee to ensure diversity and inclusion and have established various sub-groups and working teams.  We have launched a website wherein we have defined our Vision and Mission, provided information on our Areas of Focus and Speaker Series, highlighted our Committee Members, and explained our connectivity with other Anti-racism efforts across the Penn system.  The website will also serve to document our progress and our efforts.

Going forward, we will gather data to develop training sessions/activities with the aim of defining the shape of the problem in each department and in CPUP and developing processes to address them.

We are delighted to all be here.  As we look around at the supportive team assembled for the Committee, and note its broad diversity, we are more convinced than ever of the incredible value of the work which the CPUP Committee on Anti-Racism will perform and the inroads it will make.

Vision Statement

Devising and implementing concrete, positive, measurable and fundamental changes to eradicate racism within CPUP.

Mission Statement

The Anti-Racism Committee develops, promotes and advances wide-ranging and exemplary approaches and practices to expand and progress the understanding of racial actions, attitudes and unconscious biases.  We will work to understand, address and durably change the longstanding, ingrained, sustained and established societal racial disparities, inequities and structural racism within CPUP.