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Free Continuing Education (CME/CEU) Training in LGBTQ Patient Centered Care

As employees of a health system that is a participating in the Human Rights Campaign Health Equality Index survey, all staff employed by the University of Pennsylvania Health System are able to take advantage of over 60 different, free, online, on demand, CME accredited LGBTQ training options from the Human Rights Campaign and their partners.

In order to earn our status as a leader in this area, it is crucial that all our staff have access to high quality training to better serve our LGBTQ patients.

We encourage you to take advantage of these great resources.


  • An Introduction to your LGBTQ Patients
  • Introduction to LGBTQ Health
  • Expanding LGBTQ Cultural Competency
  • LGBTQ Healthcare for Clinicians
  • Transgender Health
  • Working with Trans Youth
  • Behavioral Health Care
  • LGBTQ Youth
  • LGBTQ Older Adults
  • HIV and STI Treatment and Prevention
  • Lesbian and Bisexual Women

For training via the HRC:  The Center for Affiliated Learning (CAL)

For training via HRC's partners:  The National LGBT Health Education Center or The Veterans Health Administration

*To take advantage of this training, use the facility code that most accurately corresponds to your work location*:

Hospital of University of Pennsylvania: 55728

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center: 56032

Pennsylvania Hospital: 55586

Chester County Hospital: 56697

Penn Medicine Princeton Health: 55414

Lancaster General: 55726

For training via the CAL, use Security Keyword HRC

Interested in alternate training? Have questions?

Contact Rosemary Thomas