My Pledge

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For centuries, Penn Medicine has worked to improve the health and well-being of people through research, clinical care and education. This mighty responsibility includes dismantling structural and systemic forces that drive disparate health outcomes. As CEO of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, I fully pledge to answer this charge, using both my position and platform to further anti-racism and equity initiatives that benefit the lives of patients, employees and neighbors in the communities Penn Medicine serves. This commitment includes fostering a health care experience that prioritizes respect, dignity and cultural humility for the patients who seek treatment; creating an inclusive and diverse workplace for the thousands who power the Penn Medicine mission; and leveraging the institution’s talent and resources to develop and support programs that ensure equitable health outcomes.

– Kevin B. Mahoney, CEO

Diversity is literally and figuratively a part of my DNA and is a defining characteristic of my very being.  I pledge to never be silent, and to always speak up and call out injustices wherever and whenever I see them in daily life, to never play the part of victim or villain but to do unto others as I would have done unto me, to be a voice and a positive role model for all and to demonstrate by my own actions, deeds and words, how diversity, equity and inclusion all lead to a more civil, just life and to an overall better society.  --Patrick Mahanger

I am committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect, especially the most vulnerable among us--Sam Parry

I commit to partnership with the CPUP and Community leaders in addressing the social determinants of health resulting from decades of structural racism.  --Jessica McGill

I pledge to use my knowledge, skills, and abilities in such a way that seeks to hold accountable and educate those who bring harm to others because of bias, misogyny, prejudice, and/or racist thoughts or actions. I will employ a coaching/teaching in the moment approach during my encounters with all involved as I seek to bring awareness and impart wisdom.  -Kenya Pitt

I pledge to speak up when I see laws or policies that purposely imbalance power and decision making to favor one or more racial groups over another thus denying an equal chance at the pursuit of happiness--Ronald Cary Andujar

I pledge to join the mission and help change the culture, because quite frankly some people are just not always aware of how they contribute to this nasty problem. Racism comes in all forms and is a horrible way to live as a Human Being. I plan to help be SOLUTION DRIVEN towards this stand for Social Justice. Collectively, we can make a difference towards positive change. It will take not only a village, but a nation.  -- Sonja Ogden

I promise to speak up about injustices I and to have the courage to stand up for what is right, even when it makes me feel uncomfortable.  --Maria Oquendo

I pledge to speak out against hate.  I will challenge the effects of internalized racism as a person of color and find ways to center my voice.  --Lisa Henry

I am committed to doing my utmost to combat stereotyping, racism, and other related behaviors wherever I encounter them--David Roth

My Pledge is to L.O.V.E.
To Listen, Learn and Lead
To Observe and Obligate my endeavors
To use my Voice to assist in claiming Victorious over thoughts of inadequacy
And to share Experiences as I walk as an Example while Engaging those with my
Zee Mitchell

As a leader at Penn Medicine, I pledge to use my voice and my role to bridge the gap between privilege and oppression, to continually push for one standard of care for all our patients in an effort to eliminate healthcare inequities, and to advocate for how we as a healthcare community can affect change in all aspects of systemic racism, not just those related to patient care.  --Florencia Polite

I commit to recognize, call out and mitigate bias, systemic racism and other forms of oppression and to help my students, colleagues and leaders do the same. Together we can create a culture of inclusion and a community that deeply values and cares for one another–Carmen Guerra

I commit to raise awareness, educate, and implement change to eliminate systematic racism at Penn Medicine--George Crowley

Actions speak louder than words. My pledge is to be aware of, and conscious of all my actions and their impact on creating a culture of justice--Antoinette Brooke

I pledge to practice empathy and alliance in my duties as a department leader, care provider, mentor, and colleague in order to promote equity and inclusion. I pledge to constantly be vigilant for micro and macro aggressions that underlie systemic racism in health care and academia, and act upon them when I witness them.  I pledge to keep my awareness of system racism at the fore in my professional and personal life, and to strive to learn more about the diverse range of perspectives that will elevate the promise and effectiveness of an inclusive workplace.  --Frances Jensen

I pledge to truly listen and hear my colleagues and patients of color and other vulnerable individuals, allowing their voices to become my guide to create tangible and sustainable change. I will do all in my power to build a community of compassion and respect for every individual, and to speak up when I witness stereotyping, racism, and microaggressions.  --Joan O'Brien

I pledge to put the journey towards equity and social justice at the center of my professional life and to use the opportunity I’ve been given to be a leader at Penn to help coordinate concrete actions to effectively address the beliefs, policies, and practices, borne from and perpetuated by racism, to drive real progress towards our ultimate goal – that everyone have an equal opportunity to live their best and their longest life.  --Richard Wender

I pledge to support on going efforts of the CPUP Anti-Racism Committee.  As Chair of the ACS Board of Regents, this initiative is also being addressed at the national level for all of surgery.  Respectfully submitted. --Scott Levin