Emergency Department Anti-Racism Taskforce

Vision:     At Penn Medicine, we strive to build an antiracist emergency department across the clinical, educational, and research missions, and lead best practices locally and nationally. We strive to improve patient care and decrease experiences of racism and discrimination among patients and employees.

Mission:        As members of Penn Medicine, we are committed to being a knowledgeable resource and to upholding a time-honored reputation of compassion and dedication to our patients and family members, as well as evolving to meet the necessities of public health. We are advocates, educators, caregivers, and innovators.          

Racism, discrimination, and prejudice manifest in many aspects. At Penn Medicine, we are leaders in our community. We achieve our goal of an antiracist health system by developing responsive departmental policies, clinical innovations, educational growth opportunities, and collaborative research projects. We strive to model and advance an antiracist agenda throughout the continuum of healthcare.

ARTF Working Groups

One of the working groups the ED Anti Racism Task Force formed is Advancement

Here is what they have done:


  • Determine what departmental structures are already in place for advancement and mentorship
  • Provide mentorship for ED staff in working toward their career goals

Steps taken thus far:

  • Met with nurse managers of PPMC ED and HUP ED, along with the Talent Acquisition team, to discuss current and future methods of recruiting more diverse staff
  • Worked with PPMC Unit Council to initiate mentorship program for new nurses, techs hoping to pursue nursing, and staff interested in becoming APPs

If you have any ideas of projects the ED ARTF should or could be working on please send them to us and we'll get the idea to the working group we've established.  If you would like to volunteer to help with any projects, we'd love to have you.  

We are currently looking for volunteers to host our meetings, please click the button below to contact us. Thank you!

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