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Course Schedule

Thursday, September 8

7:30 am

Welcome & Introduction

Robert M. Brody, MD

Karthik Rajasekaran MD


7:45 am

Management of Premalignant Lesions in the Oral Cavity

Thomas P. Sollecito, DMD

8:05 am

Complex Surgical Approaches to the Oral Cavity

Claudio R. Cernea, MD

8:50 am

Panel: VSP for Head & Neck Reconstruction: When is the cost worth the benefit?


Neeraj Panchal, DMD

Justin R. Shinn, MD

Steven Sperry, MD

Mary Xu, MD

9:40 am

Break/Exhibitor Viewing

10:00 am

Role of Partial Laryngectomy in Salvage Setting

D. Gregory Farwell, MD

10:20 am

Clinical Pearls in Organ Preservation Surgery

Gregory S. Weinstein, MD

10:40 am

Panel: Bulky Laryngeal Tumors: When is total laryngectomy necessary?

Arnaud Bewley, MD (MODERATOR)

Orly Coblens, MD

Michele Gentile, MD

Thorsen W. Haugen, MD

Kunal S. Jain, MD

Christian von Buchwald, DMSc

11:40 am

Role for Immunotherapy in Head & Neck Cancer Now

Lova L. Sun, MD, MSCE

12:00 pm



1:00 pm

Panel: Hemithyroidectomy versus Total Thyroidectomy for Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma (4cm cut off)

Ara A. Chalian, MD (MODERATOR)

Raymond Chai, MD

Elizabeth E. Cottrill, MD

Susan Mandel, MD

1:50 pm

Panel: Melanoma: Sentinel Lymph Node Management/ Management of the Neck/ Parotid

Jason G. Newman, MD (MODERATOR)

Christopher J. Miller, MD

Tara C. Mitchell, MD

Joanna Walker, MD

2:40 pm

Break/Exhibitor Viewing

3:00 pm

Panel: Management of Aggressively Metastatic/ Locally Advanced Cutaneous Malignancy: How far do we go?

Randal S. Weber, MD, MScHCT (MODERATOR)

Justine V. Cohen, DO

Brianna Harris, MD

Joseph F. Sobanko, MD

Sam Swisher-McClure, MD

3:50 pm

Panel: Management of the Incidental PPS Mass

Christopher H. Rassekh, MD (MODERATOR)

Erin Cohen, MD

Catherine Frenkel, MD

Kendall Tasche, MD

Punam Thakkar, MD

4:45 pm


4:45 pm

Course Cocktail Reception

Smilow Commons

Friday, September 9

7:00 am



7:10 am

Anatomic & Pathologic Evaluation of the Oropharynx

Mihir Patel, MD

7:30 am

Clinical Outcomes in TORS

Robert Brody, MD

7:50 am

Live TORS Surgery

Bert W. O’Malley, Jr., MD (MODERATOR)

Gregory S. Weinstein, MD


Airway Management in TORS

Christopher H. Rassekh, MD

Evolution of Robotic Instrumentation

Ernest D. Gomez, MD, MTR

Intra-op Techniques/ Clinical Pearls

Elizabeth Anne Nicolli, MD

9:50 am

Break/Exhibitor Viewing

10:10 am

University of Pennsylvania Deintensification Protocols

John Nicholas Lukens, MD

10:40 am

Panel: De-Escalation in 2022: Where are we right now?

Umamaheswar Duvvuri, MD, PhD (MODERATOR)

Marc A. Cohen, MD, MPH

Lee Hartner, MD

Alexander Lin, MD

Gregory S. Weinstein, MD

11:20 am

How Head & Neck Surgeons Can Influence the Cost Curve

Bevan Yueh, MD, PhD

12:00 pm


1:00 pm

We Should Be Able To See Cancer

Eben Rosenthal, MD

1:40 pm

Management of Carcinoma of Unknown Primary

Karthik Rajasekaran, MD

2:00 pm

The Present and Future of Oncologic Risk Stratification for Surgically Managed HPV+ OPSCC

Devraj Basu, MD, PhD

2:20 pm

Panel: Oropharynx Cases: When to & When Not to Perform Surgery

Miriam N. Lango, MD (MODERATOR)

Andres M. Bur, MD

Roger B. Cohen, MD

Niels C. Kokot, MD

Kelly M. Malloy, MD

Harry Quon, MD

3:10 pm

Break/Exhibitor Viewing

3:30 pm

Panel: Reconstructive Options for TORS Defects

Steven B. Cannady, MD (MODERATOR)

Kyle Hatten, MD

Benjamin L. Hodnett, MD

Alexandra E. Kejner, MD

4:15 pm

Closing Remarks