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Ackermann Lab

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    Philadelphia skyline

  • Mouse islet

    Immunofluorescent image of an islet after lineage tracing in Glucagon-CreER mouse. (Red = glucagon, Green = YFP lineage label, Blue = DAPI/nuclei)

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    CHOP at sunset

  • Human islets in culture

    Human islets in culture

  • Abramson Pediatric Research Center

    Abramson Pediatric Research Center

Welcome to the Ackermann Lab!

Lab Overview

Our lab studies islet cell biology using mouse models, cell lines, and primary human tissue to investigate islet cell dysfunction in diabetes (type 1 and type 2) and congenital hyperinsulinism.  Our goal is to identify novel pathways regulating beta cell insulin secretion, leading to innovative therapeutic strategies for these disorders. Current studies include a combination of in vivo mouse physiology, ex vivo human islet physiology, CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, epigenetic modification, and single-cell functional genomics.


The Ackermann lab is currently seeking post-doctoral fellows and rotation students.

Post-doctoral fellow applicants ideally will have a PhD in molecular biology or a related field at the time of hire.  Candidates should have good communication skills and have at least one first-author manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal either published or accepted.  Experience with standard techniques such as molecular cloning, immunohistochemistry, animal models (especially mouse), tissue culture, high throughput sequencing, and/or bioinformatics is preferred.

To apply, please send your CV and 3 references to