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Arany lab: Everything Cardiovascular Metabolism

Arany Laboratory Stands Against Racism

The lab focuses on cardiovascular metabolism. Such unfocused focus has led us to study a wide range of projects in the heart, liver, fat, and many other tissues, and has led us to use all techniques we can get out hands on, including human genetics, genetically engineered mouse models, cell culture, metabolomics, in vivo isotope metabolic tracing, and many more. In essence, the lab aims to ask fundamental questions within the (wide) space of cardiovascular metabolism, and leverages all available state-of-the-art approaches to do so.

Recent Lab News

Danielle is awarded the Blavatnik Family Fellowship in Biomedical Research -- congratulations !!

Circulation paper on TTN variants in the Penn and Geisinger Biobanks is finally out:  Genomics-First Evaluation of Heart Disease Associated With Titin-Truncating Variants

And a very hearty congratulations to Marie — just awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Career Awards for Medical Scientists — a major accomplishment !

Bridget goes to Washington:  F30 awarded!  Congratulations

Congratulations Sunhye for just receiving Postdoc training support program from national research foundation of Korea !

Congratulations to Dr. Zoltan Arany for his election to Association of American Physicians (AAP)

Check out Jia and Shogo's paper on FLCN in myeloid cells:  Myeloid Folliculin balances mTOR activation to maintain innate immunity homeostasis.

Congratulations to Dr. Zoltan Arany for his election to a Fellow of ISHR!

Exciting:  the Arany lab is now part of the AHA-Allen Brain Health and Cognitive Impairment Initiative, recipient of one of three awards. See here for details.

Boa does it again: Endothelial pyruvate kinase M2 maintains vascular integrity  in JCI.

The ins and outs of branched chain amino acids!  Look for Michael's Cell Metabolism paper on Quantitative Analysis of the Whole-Body Metabolic Fate of Branched-Chain Amino Acids, and our review on Branched Chain Amino Acids in Annual Review of Physiology

Check out George's paper in Cell :  modulating SIRT1 in blood vessels for good health in old age!