The BIBC provides:

  • Comprehensive neuropsychiatric evaluations of behavioral, affective, and cognitive disorders in patients with brain injuries, including:
    • Personality changes
    • Depression, mania, and other major mood changes
    • Psychotic disturbances
    • Changes of attention, arousal, and cognition
  • Referral to other departments and programs for specialized non-psychiatric services, including physical rehabilitation and physical therapy, neurological evaluations and treatment, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, management of comorbid general medical conditions, and health maintenance.
  • Cognitive evaluations, including evaluation of attention and concentration abilities, memory, language, and executive functions.
  • Referral for appropriate ancillary studies, including brain imaging studies, pertinent laboratory studies, and neurophysiological studies, and neuropsychological testing when needed.
  • Referral for post-acute neurorehabilitation and retraining, vocational rehabilitation, and behavioral management resources.
  • Entry into psychiatric treatment options, including psychiatric inpatient admission and psychotherapy when required.

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