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Biedermann Lab for Orthopaedic Research

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Welcome to the Biedermann Lab for Orthopaedic Research

The Biedermann Lab for Orthopaedic Research has been made possible through a generous donation from the Biedermann family to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their involvement in orthopaedic medicine. Now in its fourth generation, since Max Biedermann first began his work in prosthetics in 1916 (seen below) the Biedermann family continues to work and dedicate their lives to orthopaedic research and development. 

Biedermann Lab in 1916Throughout the years, the Biedermann family has always maintained a strong belief that research is the basis for the development of meaningful novel and innovative treatment concepts.  Based on this tenet, a partnership has been established with the University of Pennsylvania to develop a world class biomechanics laboratory where novel treatment concepts can be explored, existing and new technologies can be tested, and quantifiable and unbiased results will improve the standard of care and the quality of life for patients. 

The lab consists of over 3200 square feet of office and laboratory space and is equipped with the tools needed to perform cutting-edge research.  It has been designed with long-term research goals in mind so that it can accommodate a growing staff and provide biomechanical testing services to a large spectrum of research interests simultaneously.   Initially, the group will focus on projects that seek to improve clinical outcomes of orthopaedic procedures complicated by osteoporosis.  As the size and capabilities of the lab grow in the future, it will be able to facilitate testing for an increasing number of research collaborations. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Biedermann Lab,  please explore the rest of our website, or feel free to contact the Director of the lab, Michael Hast, by emailing him through the "Contact Us" link on the right.