Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs Symposium
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Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs Symposium

Abstract Submission Information

  1. Rules and Guidelines for abstract submission
    • Submit abstracts here. The deadline for submission is March 15thMarch 22nd, 2013 at 11:59pm
    • Abstract titles should not exceed 90 characters, including spaces.
    • Please provide affiliation information for all authors, which is not character limited.
    • Abstract body text may not exceed 1,500 characters, including spaces but not including the title, authors or affiliation information.
    • Plain text field is available but pdfs will be accepted for abstracts that contain scientific symbols.
    • Submitted abstracts will be collected after the submission deadline. If you want to re-submit an altered version of your abstract, you may do so. We will use the last-submitted version of an abstract.
    • All abstract filenames must follow this convention: Lastname_Firstname_YYYYMMDD_PS2013.
      Doe_Jane_20130730_PS2013 or Krishnan_David_20120724_PS2013.
  2. Information for Poster Sessions
    • The Biomedical community encompasses a huge variety of fields and expertise. All information should be presented so that a life scientist from any of these backgrounds can understand your research. Please go heavy on the background and explanations of key ideas. If your poster is already printed, emphasize these aspects when discussing your work.
    • All poster boards will be set up in the lobby of BRBII/III and will be limited to 4 ft x 4 ft. Pushpins will be provided.
    • At the top of each poster board, there will be a number. Please match your abstract number to the number on the poster board
  3. Information for Oral Sessions
    • All information should be presented so that life scientists from a wide range of backgrounds can understand your background, goals and findings.
    • A moderator will be present in each room to handle any questions and help organize that session.
    • There will 10 min allocated for each talk, followed by 5 min for questions. Time limits for each talk will be strictly enforced to make sure that the program stays on schedule. A warning buzzer will sound after 10 min and the final buzzer at 12 min.
    • You must check in at the BRB Auditorium at least 20 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin to allow the moderator to load and check your presentation on the A/V equipment.
    • Please bring your presentation on a USB drive for easy loading onto the A/V equipment, which accommodates PC- and Mac-based presentations.
    • A laser pointer and a laptop on the podium will be provided. If you require any other equipment (i.e. overhead projector), You must inform us upon submission of your abstract.