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The Penn Medicine Cancer Registry is an information system that contains a systematic collection of demographics, diagnostic findings, medical history, Cancer information, Cancer therapy, follow-up and patient outcome data for all persons that are diagnosed and/or treated for a diagnosis of a malignant or neoplastic disease (cancer) or a benign Brain/CNS tumor (after January 1st, 2004) within an institution.   The Cancer Registry abides by State and National Standards and submits their data to both the Pennsylvania State Cancer Registry and to the Commission on Cancer National Cancer Database (NCDB).


The Penn Medicine Cancer Registry is maintained by a group of Professional Certified Tumor Registrars (CTRs) whom hold a variety of degrees in addition to the CTR Certification.  Quality in the Registry deals with every aspect of production from abstraction of patients’ charts to distribution of the final product, our Annual Reports.  We ensure reliability of data through completeness, timeliness, and validity for use in research, education, treatment planning and scientific papers, as today’s information will be beneficial in accomplishing the long term survival of the patient.  Commitment to education is integral, as the registry staff must possess specialized knowledge and skills in meeting the needs of its customers.


The Cancer Registry works with Clinicians, Researchers and Administrators to provide data from the databases that may be needed.  The Cancer Registry data is often used in determining Clinical Trial Feasibility, Research Studies and Strategic decision making across multiple areas of the health care arena: clinical, administration, marketing, financial, planning and public health.

An example of how the data is used includes:

  • Evaluate patient outcome, quality of life and satisfaction issues and implement procedures for improvement
  • Provide follow-up information for cancer surveillance
  • Calculate survival rates and compare against National Cancer Data Base (NCDB)
  • Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS) to NCDB for active surveillance and quality improvement benchmarks
  • Analyze referral patterns
  • Report cancer incidence as required by state law
  • Evaluate efficacy of treatment modalities
  • Provide annual and site specific reports

Penn Medicine Staff can request data from the Cancer Registry with the Data Request Form.  Instructions for completing the Data Request Form are included.  If you have any questions completing the form please reach out to one of the Contacts listed below.  Download the form using this link


Cancer Registry Annual & Site Specific Reports

Penn Medicine Staff access to reports: click here.


Any questions regarding the Cancer Registry or our Data can be directed to the following:

Donna McNally, CTR (Corporate Director, Cancer Registry)
(215) 327-7229

Colleen Grosso, MBA, RHIA, CTR (Corporate Assistant Director, Cancer Registry)
(215) 279-4084

Debbie Rogers, MS, RHIA, CTR (Cancer Registry Data Analyst)
(215) 900-6592

Kim Killgore, CTR  (Cancer Program Data Quality & Accreditation Manager at Chester County Hospital)
(610) 431-5404


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