Representative Publications

Oathes, D.J., Zimmerman, J.P., Duprat, R. Japp, S.S., Scully, M., Rosenberg, B.M., Flounders, M.W., Long, H., Deluisi, J.A., Elliott, M., Shandler, G., Shinohara, R.T., & Linn, K.A. Resting fMRI-guided TMS results in subcortical and brain network modulation indexed by interleaved TMS/fMRI. Exp Brain Res 239, 1165–1178 (2021).


Oathes, DJ, Balderston, NL, Kording, KP, Deluisi, JA, Perez, GM, Medaglia, JD, Fan, Y, Duprat, RJ, Satterthwaite, TD, Sheline, YI, & Linn, KA. Combining transcranial magnetic stimulation with functional magnetic resonance imaging for probing and modulating neural circuits relevant to affective disorders. WIREs Cogn Sci. 2021;e1553.


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