Department of Psychiatry

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Couple conflict increases stress, anxiety, and depression, and decreases energy for work or parenting. We believe that early consultation, education, and if appropriate, couples therapy, increases the chances for partnership, intimacy, and healing.

For couples experiencing difficulties in 

We offer: couples therapy, sex therapy, couples consultation for opposite sex or same sex partners.

  • communication
  • sexuality
  • parenting
  • affairs
  • dealing with extended family

life transitions such as  launching children, midlife changes, illness of a family member

For couples going through a divorce or remarriage

We offer both individual and couples therapy for divorce related issues, single parenting, remarriage, and stepfamily issues. We can provide consultation for stepfamilies in dealing with boundary, separation and reconnection issues whether the offspring of the remarrying couple are children or adults.

For couples dealing with postpartum depression or reproductive concerns

Couples dealing with postpartum depression or reproductive concerns can be seen in collaboration with the Penn Center for Women’s Behavioral Wellness.

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