Collaborating Organizations

The Center on the Continuum of Care in the Addictions works closely with the Center of Excellence in Substance Abuse Treatment and Education (CESATE) at the Philadelphia VA and the Treatment Research Institute (TRI). The Philadelphia CESATE, which is also directed by Dr. McKay, is one of two VA centers devoted to providing guidance and consultation to VA leadership and addictions treatment programs across the U.S. regarding evidence-based practices and interventions in addiction treatment. The CESATE also provides training in the latest evidence-based practices and interventions to personnel at VA programs, and helps programs with implementation and evaluation projects. Other current CESATE projects within the VA system include updating VA addiction practice guidelines, improving continuity of care rates nationwide, developing a patient tracking and outcomes monitoring system, and developing an internet-based recovery support program.

The Treatment Research Institute (TRI) in Philadelphia, directed by A. Thomas McLellan, PhD, is focused on the use of science to improve addiction treatment. TRI investigators work closely with national organizations and state treatment systems to develop interventions and policies that work in “real world” treatment programs and systems. The Center collaborates with TRI on several projects, including the development and evaluation of telephone continuing care programs for residential addiction treatment programs and assessment systems that monitor patient progress during treatment and provide real-time performance data to administrators, counselors, and patients.

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