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Seminar Series - 2013 Fall Schedule

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The Department of Cell & Developmental Biology hosts a different speaker every Monday (unless otherwise noted) of the academic year, with invitees ranging from postdoctoral researchers to prominent scientists presenting a broad array of current, cell & developmental biology-related research. Our series is co-sponsored with the Department of Genetics and the Institute for Regenerative Medicine. We encourage all interested faculty, students and staff to attend.

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Unless otherwise noted, time and location: 12:15 p.m., Biomedical Research Building II/III

To link to the speaker's laboratory, please click on their name.

September 9
BRB Auditorium

Lee Niswander, Ph.D.
University of Colorado School of Medicine
"New viewpoints into early neural development and brain disorders"
Host: Mary Mullins, Ph.D. (CDB)

September 16
BRB Auditorium

Michael A. Dyer, Ph.D.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
"Retinoblastoma: Bridging Developmental Neurobiology and Cancer Genetics"
Host: Arupa Ganguly, Ph.D. (Genetics)

September 23
BRB Auditorium

Sally Horne-Badovinac, Ph.D.
The University of Chicago
"Spinning the matrix - basement membrane secretion and remodeling during organ morphogenesis"
Host: Amin Ghabrial, Ph.D. (CDB)

September 30
BRB Auditorium

Elizabeth R. Gavis, M.D., Ph.D.
Princeton University
"Localized RNAs, local translation, and developmental asymmetry"
Host: Lindsey Wingert & Dena Francis (CDB Student Invite)

October 7
BRB Auditorium

Stavros Lomvardas, Ph.D.
University of California, San Francisco
"Molecular mechanisms of olfactory receptor gene choice"
Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou, Ph.D. (Genetics)

October 14
BRB Auditorium

Hopi Hoekstra, Ph.D.
Harvard University
"From mice to molecules: the genetic and developmental basis of evolutionary change"
Host: Shannon Fisher, M.D., Ph.D. (CDB)

October 21
BRB Auditorium

Jessica Tyler, Ph.D.
The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center
"Regulation of genomic processes by chromatin assembly and disassembly"
Host: Kenneth Zaret, Ph.D. (CDB)

October 28
BRB Auditorium

Jim Noonan, Ph.D.
Yale University
"Evolution of the human developmental regulome"
Host: John Murray, Ph.D. (Genetics)

November 4
SCTR Auditorium

James R. Priess, Ph.D.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
"Formation and remodeling of epithelial tubes in C. elegans"
Host: Amanda Zacharias & Jean Parry (Genetics Postdoc Invite)

November 11


November 18
BRB Auditorium

Kenneth Fischbeck, M.D.
National Institutes of Health
"Therapeutics development for hereditary neurological diseases"
Host: Deborah Kwan (Genetics Postdoc Invite)

November 25
BRB Auditorium

George Q. Daley, M.A., Ph.D.
Harvard University Medical School
"Stem Cells in Development and Disease"
Host: Jonathan Epstein, M.D. (CDB)

December 2
BRB Auditorium

Joseph Gleeson, M.D.
University of California, San Diego
"Exome sequencing in early onset neurodegenerative diseases"
Host: Doug Epstein, Ph.D. (Genetics)
December 9
BRB Auditorium
Karen Adelman, Ph.D.
National Institutes of Health
"Pausing of Pol II: providing a window of opportunities"
Host: Kenneth Zaret, Ph.D. (CDB)
December 16
BRB Auditorium
Matthias Hebrok, Ph.D.
University of California, San Francisco
"Loss of identity – cellular dedifferentiation in pancreas cancer and diabetes"
Host: Ben Ediger & Matthew Harms (CDB Student Invite)

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