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Inter-CFAR HIV/TB Working Group National Meeting

John P. McGovern Texas Medical Center Commons Building
Trevisio Conference Room Roma
6550 Bertner Ave, Suite 602
Houston, TX 77030

September 30, 2009

The purpose of the Inter-CFAR Working Group meeting is to bring together CFAR investigators interested in the interface of TB and HIV, with the goal of stimulating inter-CFAR collaborations on HIV/TB research. 

This meeting is organized around five working groups: (1) Molecular pathogenesis of TB/HIV co-infection; (2) Immunopathogenesis of co-infection; (3) Diagnosis of TB in HIV infected children and adults; (4) Treatment and clinical trials; and (5) Implementation science. 

The goals of this initial meeting are to identify shared research agendas, develop shared CFAR resources, and identify collaborative projects. 

The day will consist of brief presentations and open discussions around each topic; presentations by each CFAR on ongoing TB/HIV research efforts and resources; and breakout sessions on each topic followed by development of an inter-CFAR agenda and action plan.

We are pleased to have received generous support from the National Institutes of Health.  Special thanks to all the group leaders and to the Baylor College of Medicine at the
University of Texas at Houston CFAR for hosting the meeting.

We hope you enjoy today's meeting.

 ---- The Inter-CFAR National Meeting Planning Committee

Agenda 1
HIV/TB Co-infection Projects, Researchers and Inter-CFAR Shared Resources........... 3-18
Participant list 19-20


8:00-8:30 Registration and refreshments
8:30- 8:45

Welcome Remarks/Introductions:
Janet Butel, Director, Baylor/UT-Houston CFAR - Welcome (5 minutes)
Sarah Fortune - Inter-CFAR TB/HIV Working Group goals and agenda (5 minutes)
Ron Collman - Plans for the day (5 minutes)

8:45-12:00  Overview talks to identify key issues and challenges in HIV/TB
The goal is to provide an overview of the topic focused on critical unanswered questions and research opportunities (e.g.: topics, models, emerging technology, etc.).  The plan is not to have a presentation of research science per se, but to identify needs within the topic.  This overview will be presented by the principal group leader and prepared in collaboration with the additional identified/invited leaders (listed below) in that area. We will have 20 minutes presentations and 10 minutes discussion.
8:45-9:15 Chris Sassetti - Molecular Pathogenesis of TB/HIV Co-infection
Michael Weiden 
9:15-9:45 David Canady - Immunology of coinfection 
Zahra Toossi
9:45-10:15 Dorothy Lewis - Diagnosis of TB in HIV infected children and adults
Carleton Evans
10:15-10:30  Break
10:30-11:00 Connie Benson - Treatment and clinical trials in dual infection
11:00-11:30 Henry Blumberg - Implementation research: delivering prevention, diagnostics and
Timothy Sterling - treatment in dual infected populations
11:30-12:00 Victoria Kasprowicz - Potential CFAR HIV/TB networks in Africa
12:00-12:15 Hugh Auchincloss
Principal Deputy Director, NIAID, NIH
View from NIAID - Program priorities; goals for existing resources and networks; potential resources available
12:15-1:30 Working lunch
1:00- 1:15 Breakout sessions instructions/set up 
Dorothy Lewis

Breakout sessions – opportunities for inter-CFAR activities

Facilitated by the working group leader: 
1. Brief introductions including individuals' topic of interest and their CFAR's particular strengths or programs
2. Group should select a rapporteur who will collect and report on group results and recommendations
3. Open discussion (facilitated by group leaders)

  • Identification of critical questions in the field amenable to CFAR focus (agenda)
  • Potential cross-CFAR shared resources
  • Opportunities for inter-CFAR collaborations
  • Action plan items to facilitate activities

Group leaders and discussants:

Molecular Pathogenesis
Chris Sassetti, University of Massachusetts
Mike Weiden, NYU School of Medicine
Petros Karakousis, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Deepak Kaushal, Tulane National Primate Research Center

David Canaday, Case Western Reserve University
Zahra Toosi, Case Western Reserve University
Mike Betts, University of Pennsylvania

Carlton Evans, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
Dorothy Lewis, Baylor College of Medicine

Treatment & Clinical Trials
Connie Benson, University of California, San Diego
Chris Whalen, University of Georgia

Henry Blumberg, Emory University
Tim Sterling, Vanderbilt University

2:45-3:00 Afternoon Break
3:00-4:30 Reconvene: CFAR Agenda & Action Plan
Ron Collman and Sarah Fortune
Each working group rapporteur will summarize the group's recommendations (5 minutes summary & 5 minutes discussion per group)
Final discussion and development of shared CFAR agenda and specific initiatives