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Primary Contact

Savita Pahwa: spahwa@med.miami.edu

1. HIV/TB Co-infection Projects:

We are an IMPAACT specialty laboratory (immunology) as well as a NIAID sponsored IMPAACT clinical site.  Currently we are involved in two HIV/TB IMPAACT projects:


2. HIV/TB Researchers:

3. Inter-CFAR Shared Resources:

Over the past two decades, the Miami AITRP has offered highly structured and individualized training in HIV and HIV/TB related research programs to promising scientists and health care professionals primarily from Latin America and the Caribbean. The Miami Fogarty AITRP includes HIV/TB and TB training rotations at the UMMSM teaching-affiliated AG Holley State Tuberculosis Hospital, in Lantana, Florida, under the mentorship of Dr. David Ashkin, Medical Executive Director of the Hospital, and the State Health Official Officer for TB, Florida Department of Health (david_ashkin@doh.state.fl.us).  This highly specialized hospital admits only difficult to treat patients and is the one remaining TB Sanitarium in the United States. The unique clinical and TB training opportunities at the AG Holley TB Hospital include HIV/TB management, laboratory methodologies, and biobehavioral research for adherence and drug resistance studies. Fogarty TB scholars also receive training in advanced analysis for TB and M.D.R detection at the Jacksonville TB Laboratories.   Dr. Ashkin, who is also the Medical Director of the Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center (SNTC), provides continuous educational resources in treatment and care, to in-country Fogarty trainees, through the SNTC videoconferences.