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PSOM Data Center Relocation

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PSOM Data Center Relocation

Issues after the data center relocation?

Please enter a helpdesk ticket.

If you are unable to enter a ticket please call Medhelp, 215-573-INFO.

PSOM systems currently reside in an university data center that is shutting down in December 2018.  Penn Medicine Corporate Information Services will be moving PSOM systems to a new data center in Brownstown, PA that is currently managed by Lancaster General Health. It is advised that you access any needed files or services before the planned outages. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Email Services (PennO365, Penn Medicine O365, UPHS Exchange) will not be affected. UPHS clinical systems will not be affected. ISC managed systems, such as PennERA, will also not be affected.

Phase 2: September 7th-10th

Research Computing servers will be moved from September 7 at 5pm to September 10 at 8am. During this move you will not be able to access the systems below. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Systems not listed below may still experience downtime and other temporary interruptions during the migration weekend.

Systems affected include:
  • LPC
  • EU Path Database

Phase 1: June 29th-July 2nd  (Completed)

The first move of servers will be from June 29 at 5pm to July 2 at 8am. During this move you will not be able to access the systems below. 

Systems affected include:
  • PMACS File Servers
  • Dept/Lab File Servers
  • PennCTMS
  • LIMS
  • Admissions/AMP, OASIS,
  • PMACS Web Services (
  • Progeny
  • Filemaker Pro Server
  • Redcap
  • Stockroom and other cores
  • My.Med
  • BPP
  • PMACS Helpdesk
  • CAMS
  • VDI
  • Crashplan
  • Gitlab


For questions please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.