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(*Marks those directly related to CTN; others related but not directly)


Pecoraro, A., Woody, G.E. (2011).  Medication-assisted treatment for opioid dependence: making a difference in prisons. F 1000 Medical Reports 2011, 3:1 (doi:10.3410/M3-1);

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Calsyn, D. A., Cousins, S. J., Hatch-Maillette, M. A., Forcehimes, A., Mandler, R., Doyle, S. R., et al. (2010). Sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol: common for men in substance abuse treatment and associated with high-risk sexual behavior. Am J Addict, 19(2), 119-127. PMCID 20163383

Calsyn, D. A., Crits-Christoph, P., Hatch-Maillette, M. A., Doyle, S. R., Song, Y. S., Coyer, S., et al. (2010). Reducing sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol for patients in substance abuse treatment. Addiction, 105(1), 100-108. PMCID 20078464

Chakrabarti, A., Woody, G. E., Griffin, M. L., Subramaniam, G., Weiss, R. D., Chakrabarti, A., et al. (2010). Predictors of buprenorphine-naloxone dosing in a 12-week treatment trial for opioid-dependent youth: secondary analyses from a NIDA Clinical Trials Network study. Drug & Alcohol Dependence, 107(2-3), 253-256. PMCID 19948382

Cohen, L. R., Greenfield, S. F., Gordon, S., Killeen, T., Jiang, H., Zhang, Y., et al. (2010). Survey of eating disorder symptoms among women in treatment for substance abuse. Am J Addict, 19(3), 245-251. PMCID 20525031

Meade, C. S., Weiss, R. D., Fitzmaurice, G. M., Poole, S. A., Subramaniam, G. A., Patkar, A. A., et al. (2010). HIV Risk Behavior in Treatment-Seeking Opioid-Dependent Youth: Results From a NIDA Clinical Trials Network Multisite Study. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndrome 1:55(1);65-72.  PMCID 20393347

Mimiaga, M. J., Safren, S. A., Dvoryak, S., Reisner, S. L., Needle, R., Woody, G. (2010).  We fear the police and the police fear us: structural and individual barriers and facilitators to HIV medication adherence among injection drug users in Kiev, Ukraine. AIDS Care 22:11, 1305-1313. URL:

Nunes, E. V., Ball, S., Booth, R., Brigham, G., Calsyn, D. A., Carroll, K., et al. (2010). Multisite effectiveness trials of treatments for substance abuse and co-occurring problems: have we chosen the best designs? J Subst Abuse Treat, 38 Suppl 1, S97-112. PMCID 20307801

Wu, L., Ling, W., Burchett, B., Blazer, D.B., Shostak, B., Woody, G., E.  Gender and racial/ethnic differences in addiction severity, HIV Risk, and quality of life among adults in opioid detoxification: results from the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network. (2010) Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation 1:13-22. Open Access Articleclick here

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Calsyn, D. A., Hatch-Maillette, M., Tross, S., Doyle, S. R., Crits-Christoph, P., Song, Y. S., et al. (2009). Motivational and skills training HIV/sexually transmitted infection sexual risk reduction groups for men. J Subst Abuse Treat, 37(2), 138-150. PMCID 19150206

Carise, D., Brooks, A., Alterman, A., McLellan, A. T., Hoover, V., & Forman, R. (2009). Implementing evidence-based practices in community treatment programs: initial feasibility of a counselor "toolkit". Subst Abus, 30(3), 239-243. PMCID 19591060

Crits-Christoph, P., Gallop, R., Temes, C. M., Woody, G., Ball, S. A., Martino, S., et al. (2009). The alliance in motivational enhancement therapy and counseling as usual for substance use problems. J Consult Clin Psychol, 77(6), 1125-1135. PMCID 19968388

Crits-Christoph, P., Gibbons, M. B., Ring-Kurtz, S., Gallop, R., & Present, J. (2009). A pilot study of community-friendly manual-guided drug counseling. J Subst Abuse Treat, 37(1), 8-16. PMCID 19038525

DuPont, R. L., McLellan, A. T., White, W. L., Merlo, L. J., & Gold, M. S. (2009). Setting the standard for recovery: Physicians' Health Programs. J Subst Abuse Treat, 36(2), 159-171. PMCID 19161896

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Lott, J. P., Marlowe, D. B., Forman, R. F., Lott, J. P., Marlowe, D. B., & Forman, R. F. (2009). Availability of websites offering to sell psilocybin spores and psilocybin. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 41(3), 305-307. PMCID 19999684

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Ziedonis, D. M., Amass, L., Steinberg, M., Woody, G., Krejci, J., Annon, J. J., et al. (2009). Predictors of outcome for short-term medically supervised opioid withdrawal during a randomized, multicenter trial of buprenorphine-naloxone and clonidine in the NIDA clinical trials network drug and alcohol dependence. Drug Alcohol Depend, 99(1-3), 28-36. PMCID 18805656

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DiClemente, R. J., Wingood, G. M., Blank, M. B., & Metzger, D. S. (2008). Future directions for HIV prevention research: charting a prevention science research agenda. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr, 47 Suppl 1, S47-48. PMCID 18301134

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Ball, S. A., Martino, S., Nich, C., Frankforter, T. L., Van Horn, D., Crits-Christoph, P., et al. (2007). Site matters: multisite randomized trial of motivational enhancement therapy in community drug abuse clinics. J Consult Clin Psychol, 75(4), 556-567. PMCID 17663610

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2002 - 2004

Crits-Christoph, P., Wilson, G. T., Hollon, S. D., Crits-Christoph, P., Wilson, G. T., & Hollon, S. D. (2004). Empirically supported psychotherapies: comment on Westen, Novotny, and Thompson-Brenner (2004). Psychological Bulletin, 131(3), 412-417. PMCID 15869337

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(* Marks those directly related to CTN; others related but not directly)


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