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MD/Master in Law (ML)

The MD/Master in Law (MD/ML) is designed for Perelman medical and PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, and residents in the Penn Health system who are interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of health law and legal principles. The program will help medical students navigate the increasingly dense and frequently changing regulatory environment in the United States and enable them to be effective advocates for health care delivery and collaborate productively with legal counsel across a wide array of issues. The program’s specialized curriculum is geared toward health professionals entering a field that is increasingly defined by regulation and new service delivery models. Graduates of the program will develop legal knowledge and key analytical and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for careers as leaders of health practices and medical institutions, policy makers and advisers, pioneers in medical technologies and business entrepreneurs. To learn more, check out the article — Master in Law Report: At the Intersection of Medicine and Law.

The ML program has been incredibly rewarding and an invaluable complement to my medical career. I recommend it to physicians and students in healthcare and the sciences to better understand the legal and regulatory underpinnings of their work, enhance their training in this domain, and so be better prepared to practice, teach, and research in today's complex healthcare environment. — Manoj Mittal, MD, ML'18, CHOP, PSOM faculty

The information on this website describes the admissions process, curriculum, advising, and financial policies for the MD/ML program. Please note that these guidelines apply only to Perelman medical students. Post-doctoral researchers and residents in the Penn Health system are encouraged to contact the Master in Law program directly. 

Please note that policies concerning admissions, curriculum, funding and financial aid are subject to change. Additionally, though variations in the curriculum may be possible, any changes will need prior approval and may have financial implications. This website is meant to provide preliminary general overview information only. Students interested in or enrolled in the program should seek personal advising from relevant faculty and staff.