Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
MD Program

Additional Courses Policy & Guidelines

Updated 2/12/2020

MD students can register for University courses, with no additional tuition charges, according to the following policy and guidelines:

  • The number is limited to three credits between matriculation and graduation. These course credits are generally not applied toward the MD degree; however, students can only take courses for which credit is given (whether or not credits are applied toward the MD degree).
  • The courses can be taken in any school in the University during the Fall or Spring semesters when the student is actively enrolled (not on a leave of absence or short-term break), and paying MD tuition (not just fees only).
  • To take a course for credit in a Summer semester, MD tuition must be paid in full for the previous Spring and following Fall semesters. Only Perelman School of Medicine (such as: Bioethics, Epidemiology, Health Policy Research, Translational Research, Public Health) or School of Law courses may be taken during the Summer. A student may take only one course in a Summer semester limited to the UPenn course catalogue.
  • In the event that a non-MD course requirement conflicts with an MD course requirement, the MD course must be given priority.
  • MD/PhD students need to follow additional coursework requirements.
  • All University add and drop deadlines must be adhered to. See the Penn Academic Calendar for deadlines.
  • All University course requirements must be successfully completed and a passing grade must be earned. Students cannot audit a class.

Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may result in a student being responsible for University course tuition. The tuition charge for one credit is typically between $5,000 to $7,000 and varies by program/school. 

Course Registration Process

This policy is subject to administrative review and will be updated as needed.

Prior to seeking enrollment in a University course outside of the MD curriculum, students with current or past designations of Academic Watch/Warning must seek approval of the Associate Dean for Student Success and Professional Development. 

Once a student has decided on a course (and has received permission if needed), reach out to the Registrar at the Perelman School of Medicine to be officially enrolled.

See the University's course catalog.