additional coursework

MD-PhD students interested in taking a registered University course beyond what is expected/required for the program must adhere to the policy of their primary degree program at the time, AND must receive permission from Dr. Skip Brass. During the Medical School phase of the program, MD-PhD students interested in taking a course registered in the University system should refer to the Medical School Additional Course Policy. If a student has the appropriate permissions, they should then follow the course registration guidelines listed on the Additional Course Policy page.  Note that students do NOT need to get permission from Skip Brass to participate in PSOM courses (outside of the University registration system) such as the Medical Humanities or Medical Spanish courses.  Anybody who is interested in those offerings can go ahead and sign up directly without requesting permission.

During the PhD years, students are subject to the policy of their PhD program. BGS policy does not permit a student to take any course work outside of that which is related to his/her academic goals. If a student wants to take an extra course that is related to their academic goals, they must get permission from their Graduate Group Chair, and, if relevant, their thesis advisor. The course must be taken for a grade. (See BGS policy info here: ) Non-BGS students in the PhD phase must comply with their School’s policy and should check with the relevant administrators. Permission to register for add’l University courses during the PhD phase must also be obtained from Skip Brass.