director's welcome

Skip Brass MD-PhDThank you for visiting the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine MD-PhD program website. We have designed the site to be a resource for our students, future students, alumni, faculty and a whole host of friends. Whatever your reason for seeking us out, I hope that you will join us for this next important step in the grand adventure of becoming a physician-scientist.


A note to applicants:

“Choosing to combine medical school with graduate work in the biomedical sciences, engineering, economics or the social sciences is the first step in a lifelong quest for knowledge and service. Deciding on the institution that can help you to take this first step is itself a challenge and a learning process. You learn what each program has to offer, meet some potential role models and mentors, and begin to refine your ideas for the future. We learn about you, your goals and accomplishments, and the ways in which you have put your talents and opportunities to use up to this point. As you go through the application process, I hope that you will ask us at least as many questions as we ask you. Find out about the things we have to offer and match them to your personal goals. Find out what is here and what is not here. Find out the things that have made the Combined Degree Program at Penn one of the oldest, largest and most successful programs of its kind, including the high quality of students and faculty, strong institutional support for the program, and an unwavering commitment to the training and success of our graduates. This website is a great place to start as you gather information, and we welcome additional questions by e-mail. I am also looking forward to meeting many of you during the interview process.”

A note to students, faculty and alumni:

“We hope this website will be a real resource for members of the physician-investigator community here at Penn. We have included text and links specific to Penn and the MD-PhD program, and also links to national resources of interest. Explore the information that is included. Let us know what is helpful. Let us know what else you would like to see here. As always, I welcome your input as we strive to provide the best possible training program for physician-investigators.”

  - Skip Brass, MD, PhD, Associate Dean and Director, Combined Degree and Physician Scholar Programs 

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