thesis defenses

Dissertation links marked with an asterisk (*) require a passcode to enter.  If you plan to attend, please contact the student, their Graduate Group Coordinator, or the MSTP office for the passcode.

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2023 - 2024

June 2024

Tim Cox (Neuroscience)
June 3, 10 am, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: The Aged Microbiome Drives Cognitive Decline
Mentors: Drs. Christoph Thaiss & Virginia Lee

Nathan Coffey (CAMB-GE)
June 6, 1 pm, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: Metabolic vulnerabilities in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Mentors: Drs. Celeste Simon & Zolt Arany

Jessica Lam (GCB)
June 28, 2 pm, Gaulton Auditorium, BRB​​​​​​​
Title: Interrogating YY1's role in chromatin organization and transcription throughout the cell cycle
Mentor: Dr. Gerd Blobel

May 2024

Erin Hollander (CAMB/CB)
May 1, 10am, Gaulton Aud., BRB
Title: Sugar Power: N-glycosylation and its role in anti-tumor immunity
Mentor: Dr. Ben Stanger

Casey Lee (Immunology)
May 22, 2pm, Law Auditorium, JMEC
Title: Asymmetric Cell Division as a Mechanism of Fate Induction in Genetically Engineered T Cells
Mentors: Drs. Aimee Payne & Christoph Ellebrecht

Alfredo Lucas (Bioengineering)
May 22, 3pm, Glandt Forum, Singh Center
Title: Multimodal Neuroimaging for Presurgical Characterization of Epilepsy
Mentor: Dr. Kathryn A. Davis

David Dai (Neuroscience)
May 30, 1pm, Class of ’62, John Morgan
Title: Characterizing Pathologic & Vulnerable Cell Types in Neurodegenerative Disease
Mentor: Dr. Edward Lee

April 2024

Mariia (Masha) Alibekova Long (Bioengineering)
April 18, 1 PM, 11-146AB, Smilow
Title: Proteome-seq: Sequencing-Based Readout of Proteomic Analytical Assay
Mentor: Dr. Alex Hughes

Ian Cohn (CAMB-MVP)
April 19, BRB Auditorium, 3 PM
Title: Mechanisms of CD4+ T cell-dependent resistance against Cryptosporidium
Mentors: Drs. Christopher A Hunter and Boris Striepen

Lev Litichevskiy (GCB)
April 24, 3 PM, Class of ’62 Auditorium
Title (tentative): The Effects of Aging on Circadian Rhythms and the Gut Microbiome
Mentors: Drs. Christoph Thaiss and Mingyao Li

March 2024

Karen Xu (Bioengineering)
March 11, 12 PM, Reunion Auditorium, John Morgan
Title: Engineering hydrogel microstructure to promote meniscus repair
Mentors: Drs. Jason Burdick & Robert Mauck

Rohan Palanki (Bioengineering)
March 20, 1 PM, Law Auditorium, JMEC
Title: Ionizable lipid nanoparticles for in utero gene editing of congenital disease
Mentors: Drs. Michael J. Mitchell & William H. Peranteau

Benjamin Creekmore (BMB)
March 21, 3 PM, BRB Auditorium
Title: Therapeutic targeting of valosin-containing protein and structural characterization of neurodegenerative disease in situ
Mentors: Drs. Edward B. Lee & Yi-Wei Chang

Katie Kixmoeller (BMB)
March 22, 1 PM, Reunion Auditorium, John Morgan
Title: Architecture of the human kinetochore on mitotic chromosomes visualized by cryo-electron tomography
Mentors: Drs. Ben Black & Yi-Wei Chang

January 2024

Jamal Green (Immunology)
January 18, Gaulton Auditorium, BRB
Title: Early-life exposures to specific commensal microbes train the immune system and prevent type 1 diabetes
Mentor: Dr. Michael Silverman

December 2023

Clayton Otter (CAMB/MVP)
December 4, 2 PM, Class of 62, John Morgan
Title: What makes a common cold virus? An arms race between temperature-dependent host responses and viral immune antagonism
Mentor: Dr. Susan Weiss
Contact Anna Kline for zoom link

November 2023

Rachel Ceron (Neuro)
November 3, noon, Class of 62, John Morgan
Tentative title: Biochemical mechanism of ACTG2 mutations underlying Visceral Myopathy
Mentors: Drs. Bob Heuckeroth and Roberto Dominguez

October 2023

Joyce Liu (BMB)
October 6, 10 AM, 8-146AB, Smilow
Title: Divergent Roles for ACLY and Bempedoic Acid in Hepatic Lipid Accumulation
Mentor: Dr. Kathryn Wellen

Daniel Xu (CAMB-GE)
October 16, 2 PM, Class of ’62, John Morgan
Title: Investigating the Effects of H3K27ac Reduction in an iPSC Neuron Model of Familial
Mentor: Dr. Shelley Berger

Alex Chen (Anthro)
October 19, 2 PM, 345 Museum
Title: Safecraft: Race, Space and the Building of American Biosecurity Against Emerging Diseases
Mentor: Dr. Adriana Petryna

Jamal Green (Immunology)
October 23, 9 AM, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: Early-life exposures to specific commensal microbes train the immune system and prevent type 1 diabetes
Mentor: Dr. Michael Silverman

September 2023

Diego Espinoza (Immunology)
September 5, 11 AM, Rubinstein Auditorium (Smilow)
Title: Cross-compartment immunology of pediatric neuroinflammatory disease
Mentor: Dr. Amit Bar-Or

Charles Danan (CAMB-GE)
September 6, 2 PM, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: RNA methylation sustains intestinal homeostasis and regeneration
Mentor: Dr. Kate Hamilton

Andrew Lin (Bioengineering)
September 6, 2:30 PM, Raisler Lounge (Towne 2 nd Fl)
Title (tentative): Development of magnetic nanopore EV subpopulation sorting for multimodal liquid biopsy in neurological disease and cancer
Mentor: Dr. Dave Issadore

Kelly Martins (CAMB-GTV)
September 7, 1 PM , Location TBD
Title: Investigating Recombinant and Wild Type Adeno Associated Virus Integrations in the Macaque and Human Genomes Following In Vivo Exposure
Mentor: Dr. Jim Wilson

Shovik Bandyopadhay (CAMB-GE)
September 8, 2 PM, Austrian Auditorium CRB
Title: Mapping the Cellular Biogeography of Human Bone Marrow Niches Using Single Cell Transcriptomics and Proteomic Imaging
Mentor: Dr. Kai Tan

Kevin Yang (GCB)
September 12, 1:30 PM, Rubinstein Auditorium (Smilow)
Title: Machine learning optimized targeted detection of alternative splicing
Mentors: Drs. Yoseph Barash and Peter Choi

Graham Lobel (CAMB-CB)
September 14, 2 PM, Location TBD
Title: Glutamine availability regulates tissue specific cDC subsets
Mentors: Drs. Malay Haldar and Celeste Simon

Henry Sanchez (Bioengineering)
September 21 , 3 PM, Location TBD
Title: TBD
Mentor: Dr. Ophir Shalem

Fola Sofela (CAMB-CPM)
September 22, 2 PM, 1412 BRB
Title: The role of metabolism in a Drosophila model of Neurofibromatosis 1
Mentor: Dr. Amita Sehgal

August 2023

Marc Bornstein (CAMB-GE)
August 7, 10:00, 9-146 Smilow
Title: A fluxomics approach toward quantifying the metabolic response to cold stress
Mentor: Dr. Zoltan Arany

Dan Dou (Neuroscience)
August 10, 1:00, 10-146 Smilow
Title: Axonal trafficking deficits caused by Parkinson’s-associated mutations in LRRK2
Mentor: Dr. Erika Holzbaur

Ellen White (CAMB-MVP)
August 17, 2:00, Law Auditorium, JMEC
Title: An understudied bacterium of the wound microbiome promotes diabetic healing
Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Grice

Jenna Zhang (CAMB-GE)
August 18, 11:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: Investigating cellular innate immune responses to intestinal Yersinia infection
Mentors: Drs. Sunny Shin and Igor Brodsky

Monica Wei (CAMB-MVP)
August 18, 2:00, Class of ’62
Title: Molecular Investigation of Competitive Microbial Interactions in the Porcine Skin Microbiome
Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Grice

Teddy Steinbock (CAMB-MVP)
August 24, 3:00, 12-146AB, Smilow
Title: MRI-Based Quantification of Renal Oxygen Utilization
Mentor: Dr. Matthew Weitzman

Rajiv Deshpande (CAMB-GE)
August 28, 10:00, Donner-Grice Auditorium, HUP (2nd floor along Dulles hallway by the cafeteria)
Title: MRI-Based Quantification of Renal Oxygen Utilization
Mentor: Dr. Felix Wehrli

Daniel Connolly (Neuroscience)
August 30, 2:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: Reading and writing DNA methylation in the mammalian brain
Mentor: Dr. Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou

2022 - 2023

July 2023

Ryan Boe (CAMB-GE)
July 19, 1:00, 10-146 Smilow
Mentor: Dr. Arjun Raj

June 2023

Alexandra Ushkevich Zezulin (CAMB-GTV)
June 15, 10:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: RUNX1 is required in granulocyte-monocyte progenitors to attenuate inflammatory cytokine production by neutrophils
Mentor: Dr. Nancy Speck

May 2023

Jordan Harris (Immunology)
May 23, 2:30, Gaulton Auditorium, BRB
Title: Microbial and immune environmental states are transmitted transgenerationally to promote phenotypic diversity
Mentors: Drs. Taku Kambayashi, Elizabeth Grice

Omar Abdoun (Bioengineering)
May 26, 11:30, 337 Towne
Mentor: Dr. Mark Yim

April 2023

Sarshan Pather (CAMB-DRSV)
April 10, 2:00, 5040, Colket Translational Research Building
Title: Reading, writing, and perturbing human neural cell biology
Mentor: Dr. Ophir Shalem

Naveen Jain (CAMB-GE)
April 17, 1:00, 10-146 Smilow
Title: Beyond Luck of The Draw: Uncovering Cell Intrinsic Determinants in Reprogramming Somatic Cells to Pluripotency
Mentor: Dr. Arjun Raj

February 2023

Jason Xu (GCB)
February 15, 9:30, Reunion Hall, John Morgan
Title: Identification and targeting of treatment resistant progenitor populations in T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Mentor: Dr. Kai Tan

December 2022

Iulia Tapescu (BMB)
December 5, 2:00, Rubenstein Auditorium, Smilow
Title: Wanted DEAD or Alive: antiviral roles for DEAD-box helicases
Mentor: Dr. Sara Cherry

October 2022

Stacy Thomas (Immunology)
October 27, 12:30, Rubenstein Auditorium, Smilow
Title: Beta-glucan treatment restricts liver metastasis in pancreatic cancer
Mentor: Dr. Gregory L. Beatty

September 2022

Stephanie Teeple (Epidemiology)
September 8, 1:00
Title: Missingness and Equity of Clinical Model Predictive Performance: Considering the Social Construction of EHR Data
Mentor: Dr. Scott Halpern

Ben Sieff (Anthropology)
September 16, 12:00
Title: Leveraging clinical material: an ethnography of buprenorphine-based treatment in greater Pittsburgh
Mentor: Dr. Adriana Petryna

Daniel Akuma (CAMB/MVP)
September 27, 11:00, Smilow 9-146
Title: Structural and functional determinants of caspase-11 inflammasome assembly during innate immune defense
Mentor: Dr. Igor Brodsky

August 2022

Daniel Park (CAMB)
August 4, 1:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: Identification and Characterization of Novel Regulators of Genome Folding
Mentor: Dr. Eric Joyce

Saisai Chen (CAMB)
August 12, 10:00, BRB 252
Title: The Role of PAQR8 in Breast Cancer Recurrence and Therapy Resistance
Mentor: Dr. Lewis Chodosh

Juan C. Serrano (BMB)
August 18, 1:00, Rubenstein Auditorium, Smilow
Title: TBD
Mentor: Dr. Rahul M. Kohli

Kevin Zhang (CAMB)
August 25, 1:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: The Impact of Iron on Lysosomal Function in the Retinal Pigment Epithelium
Mentor: Dr. Josh Dunaief

Derek Sung (CAMB)
August 29th, 2:00, Smilow 11-146
Title: Molecular Interplay of VEGF-C and VE-cadherin Controls Sinusoidal, Lymphatic, and Placental Vascular Growth
Mentor: Dr. Mark Kahn

2021 - 2022

June 2022

Joe Martinez (HCMG)
June 3, 11:00, Faculty Lounge, Colonial Penn Center
Title: Organizational Change, Payment Reform, and the Value of Hospital Care
Mentors: Drs. Atul Gupta and Matt Grennan

Sai Aung Phyo (CAMB - G&E)
June 3rd, 1:00, Smilow 11-146
Title: Regulation of the Tubulin Code in Heart Disease
Mentor: Dr. Benjamin Prosser

Karun Kiani (CAMB - G&E)
June 8, 11:00, Smilow 8-146
Title: A systematic analysis of the concordance between chromatin accessibility and gene expression changes
Mentor: Dr. Arjun Raj

Andy Revell (Neuroscience)
June 10, 12:00, Reunion Auditorium (John Morgan Building)
Title: Localizing Seizure Onset With Diffusion Models
Mentors: Drs. Kathryn Davis and Brian Litt

Joseph K Aicher (GCB)
June 14, 2:00, JMB Class of ‘62 Auditorium
Title: Improving molecular diagnosis of suspected Mendelian disorders with RNA splicing analysis
Mentors: Drs. Elizabeth Bhoj and Yoseph Barash

May 2022

Michael Duong (BE)
May 3, 12:00, Levin 357
Title: Brain metabolic responses to Alzheimer pathologies with molecular imaging and machine learning 
Mentors: Drs. David Wolk and Ilya Nasallah

Selen Uman (BE)
May 10, 2:00, Glandt Forum, Singh Center of Nanotechnology
Working title: Injectable Hydrogels to Deliver Extracellular Vesicles After Myocardial Infarction
Mentor: Dr. Jason Burdick

April 2022

Nicolette Johnson (CAMB)
April 28, 11:00, Smilow 12-146 AB
Title: Understanding cellular plasticity within the intestinal epithelium
Mentor: Dr. Chris Lengner

November 2021

Aimee Juan (Neuroscience)
November 10, 10:00, Rubenstein Auditorium, CRB
Title: Differential DNA Methylation Drives Allelic Architecture for Grb10-Ddc Locus in the Developing Heart
Mentor: Dr. Marisa Bartolomei

October 2021

Kamen Simeonov (CAMB)
October 7, 9:00, Gaulton Auditorium, BRB
Title: Single-cell lineage tracing of cancer metastasis
Mentor: Dr. Chris Lengner

September 2021

Kevin M. Goff (Neuroscience)
September 1, 1:00 PM, JMB Reunion Auditorium
Title: VIP Interneuron Cell and Circuit Dysfunction Underlying Dravet Syndrome
Mentor: Dr. Ethan Goldberg

María E. Díaz Ortiz (Bioengineering)
September 2nd, 1:00PM, BRB 1403 (limited in person audience by invitation only)
Title: From '-omics' to biomarkers and mechanisms in Parkinson's disease: GHR and GPNMB
Mentor: Dr. Alice S. Chen-Plotkin

Emma Lewis (Immunology)
September 9th, 1:00pm, 14th Floor BRB (Faculty Lounge)
Title: Immune modulation at the maternal-fetal interface regulates perinatal outcomes
Mentor: Drs. Michal Elovitz and Paige Porrett

Aaron Williams (Neuroscience)
September 9th, 10am, BRB Gaulton Auditorium
Title: Neuronal codes and circuits underlying audiovisual integration
Mentor: Dr. Maria Geffen

Connie Jiang (CAMB)
September 13th, 12:00pm, SCTR 10-146AB
Tentative title: Tracing cell type determination in directed differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells
Mentor: Dr. Arjun Raj

Adeeti Aggarwal (Neuroscience)
September 15th, 12:00, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: The characterization of visual evoked feedforward-feedback travelling waves in mice during waking and anesthetized states
Mentors: Drs. Max Kelz and Alex Proekt

Gregory Chen (GCB)
September 27, 11:00am, John Morgan Building Class of ’62 Auditorium
Title: Leveraging Systems Immunology to Understand the Molecular Underpinnings of Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Therapy
Mentor: Dr. Kai Tan

August 2021

John Bernabei (Bioengineering)
August 2, 1:30, 337 Towne
Title: Quantitative methods for guiding epilepsy surgery from intracranial EEG
Mentor: Dr. Brian Litt

Bridget Gosis (CAMB)
August 19, 10:00, Smilow 11-146AB
Title: The role of folliculin in hepatic lipid metabolism and the pathogenesis of NAFLD and NASH
Mentor: Dr. Zoltan Arany

David Kersen (BE)
August 20, 1:00, 337 Towne
Title: A computational study of the influence of cortical processes on the olfactory bulb
Mentors: Dr. Vijay Balasubramanian and Dr. Minghong Ma

Jing Luan (CAMB)
August 26, 1:00
Working title: Functional interrogation of CTCF in genome organization and nascent transcription
Mentor: Dr. Gerd A. Blobel

Ivan Kuznetsov (BE)
August 30, 10:00, 307 Levine (tentative physical location – might change)
Title: Biophysical dynamics of RGS-LOV proteins as systems for light-induced membrane recruitment
Mentor: Dr. Brian Chow

Naihua (Natalie) Gong (Neuroscience)
August 31, 10:00, Class of '62 (and online)
Title: Molecular factors governing sleep circuit maturation and neurodevelopmental disorders
Mentor: Dr. Matthew Kayser

2020 - 2021

July 2021

Aileen Ren (CAMB)
July 8, 2:00, 11-146 Smilow (can also be viewed via zoom link)
Working title: Investigating the Role of PI3K Signaling in Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Pathogenesis
Mentor: Dr. Mark Kahn

Tong Wang (BMB)
July 12, 11:00, Reunion, JP (can also be viewed via zoom link)
Title: Discovery and application of cytosine carboxymethylation
Mentor: Dr. Rahul Kohli

Danielle Murashige (CAMB)
July 15, 1:00
Title: Comprehensive fuel metabolism of the human heart and how promotion of non-cardiac BCAA catabolism protects against heart failure
Mentor: Dr. Zolt Arany

Dan Zhang (BMB)
July 29, 1:00
Working title: Development and application of patient-derived glioblastoma organoids for studying tumor heterogeneity and the immune-related microenvironment
Mentor: Dr. Hongjun Song

June 2021

Ricardo Linares Saldana (CAMB)
June 7, 1:00
Title: BRD4 Orchestrates Genome Folding to Promote Neural Crest Progenitor Differentiation
Mentors: Raj Jain and Jon Epstein

Kate Beattie (Neuroscience)
June 10, 1:00
Title: TRPC3 antagonizes contact dermatitis-induced pruritis
Mentor: Wenqin Luo

Joe Park (GCB)
June 16, 10:00
Title: A genome-first approach to investigating the biological and clinical relevance of exome-wide rare coding variation using electronic health record phenotypes
Mentors: Dan Rader and Marylyn Ritchie

China Byrns (Neuroscience)
June 28, noon
Title: Glia: friend and foe in traumatic brain injury and (aging)
Mentor: Nancy Bonini

may 2021

Elle Lett (GGEB – epid)
May 10, noon
Title: Centering the multiply marginalized:  Using intersectionality to characterize health inequities faced by ethno-racial minoritized subpopulations within the transgender community
Mentor: Nadia Dowshen

Jacob Sterling (Neuroscience)
May 10, noon
Title: Innate immunity in degenerative diseases of the retina and brain
Mentor: Josh Dunaief and Qi Cui

february 2021

David Lee (GCB)
February 18, 2:00
Title: Insights into functional noncoding RNA elements through the analysis of human genetic variation
Mentors: Yoseph Barash and Lou Ghanem

november 2020

Sara Rendell (Anthropology)
November 6th, 12:00
Title: Closeness through Distance:  The reformulation of kinship and racialized punishment in U.S. immigration
Mentors: Adriana Petryna

Di Zhang (GCB)
November 9th, 1:00
Title: Sculpting 3D chromatin folding via genome editing
Mentor: Gerd Blobel

Melody Esmaeili (CAMB-DSRB)
November 9th, 2:00
Title: Chromatin accessibility and histone acetylation in the regulation of competence in early development
Mentor: Peter Klein

Eric Sanford (GCB)
November 12th, 1:00
Title: How does a gene combine the transcriptional effects of two cell signals?
Mentor: Arjun Raj

Rafi Fernandez (CAMB-CB)
November 19th, 4:00
Title: GSK3 inhibitors rescue telomere defects in Dyskeratosis Congenita iPS derived AT2 Cells
Mentor: F. Brad Johnson

october 2020

Grant Eilers (CAMB – MVP)
October 6th, 2:00
Title: Structural and Biochemical Studies of HIV-1 Integration and Inhibition
Mentors: Rick Bushman and Greg Van Duyne

september 2020

Sohaib Hashmi (BE)
September 2nd, noon
Title: Role of ACTG2 Mutations in Visceral Myopathy
Mentor: Bob Heuckeroth

Linda Zhou (GCB)
September 2nd, 2:00
Title: The 3d genome as a new dimension in understanding pathologic short tandem repeat instability
Mentor: Jenn Phillips-Cremins

Ben Emert (GCB)
September 8th, 1:00
Title: Rewinding Cell Fate
Mentor: Arjun Raj

Sabine Schneider (CAMB – GE)
September 17th, 2:00
Title: Novel insights into the genetic and environmental determinants of enteric nervous system biology
Mentor: Bob Heuckeroth

august 2020

Hoang Nguyen (CAMB-GE)
August 3rd, 1:00pm
Title: Dichotomous Engagement of HDAC3 Catalytic Activity Governs Inflammatory Responses
Mentor: Mitchell Lazar

Ruth Choa (IGG)
August 6, 4:00 pm
Title: Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin induces adipose loss through sebum hypersecretion
Mentor: Taku Kambayashi

Anthony Angueira (CAMB-GE)
August 4, 1:00pm
Title: Transcriptional Control and Development of Energy Burning Fat Cells
Mentor: Patrick Seale

Annie Toulmin (Immunology)
August 18, 10:30am
Title The regulation and function of MHC class II on type II alveolar cells
Mentor: Ike Eisenlohr

2019 - 2020

july 2020

Jeff Lin (Immunology)
July 1, 10:00
Title: Type 1 conventional dendritic cells are systemically dysregulated early in pancreatic carcinogenesis
Mentor: Bob Vonderheide

Salina Yuan (CAMB-CB)
July 10, 10:00
Title: Epigenetic Reprogramming in Tumor Plasticity
Mentor: Ben Stanger

may 2020

Ziyang Xu (Pharm)
May 4, 10:00
Designing Synthetic DNA Encoded Immunotherapeutics and Nanoparticle Vaccines for Enhanced Immunity-mediated Protection
Mentor: Dave Weiner

Harry McAdams (Neuroscience)
May 12, 1:00
Selective amplification of ipRGC signals accounts for interictal photophobia in migraine
Mentor: Geoff Aguirre

Eli Cornblath (Neuroscience)
May 19, 2:00
Network spreading dynamics in cognition and neurodegeneration
Mentor: Dani Bassett

april 2020

Jon Lang (CAMB - GTV)
April 23rd, 12:30
Tentative title: Developing Adeno-associated Viral Vectors as a Gene Editing Platform
Mentor: Bev Davidson

march 2020

Nick Perkons (Bioengineering)
March 18, 3:00
Title: Functional Molecular Imaging with DNP-13C-MRSI
Mentor: Terence Gade

february 2020

Samir Devalaraja (Immunology)
February 24, 1:00, 8-146 Smilow
Title: Tumor-derived retinoic acid regulates intratumoral monocyte differentiation to promote immune suppression
Mentors: Malay Haldar and George Cotsarelis

december 2019

Lee Richman (CAMB – CB)
December 20, 12:00, Rubenstein Aud., Smilow
Title: Dissimilarity to the self-proteome as a novel determinant of immunogenicity
Mentor: Bob Vonderheide

november 2019

Dana Bellissimo (CAMB – CB)
November 4, 1:00, Reunion, JMB
Title The regulation of myeloid inflammatory responses by RUNX1: roles in normal and malignant hematopoiesis
Mentors: Nancy Speck and Gary Gilliland

Opeyemi Alabi (Neuroscience)
November 12, 1:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: Striatal Computations in Health and Neuropsychiatric Disease
Mentor: Marc Fuccillo

Ben Philipson (CAMB - CPM)
November 12, 2:00, Law Auditorium, JMEC
Title: From Bench to Bedside and Back Again: CAR T cell Signaling and Survival
Mentors: Mike Milone and Steve Albelda

Josh Franklin (Anthropology)
November 15, 12:00, Room 345, Penn Museum
Title: Following the Child's Lead: Care and Transformation in a Pediatric Gender Clinic
Mentor: Adriana Petryna

Lee Young (Anthropology)
Nov 15, 2:00, Room 345, Penn Museum
Title: Impossible Terrains: An Ethnography of Policing in Atlantic City, NJ
Mentors: Adriana Petryna and Deborah Thomas

october 2019

Michael Werner (Immunology)
October 8, 1:00pm, Law Auditorium, JMEC
Title: Comparative structure-function analysis of the BET family of epigenetic readers
Mentor: Gerd Blobel

Nabil Darwich (Neuroscience)
October 17, 3:00, BRB Auditorium
Title Structure and Function of a Disease Associated Tau Disaggregase
Mentor: Edward Lee

M. Elle Saine (GGEB - Epidemiology)
October 21, 12:00, Class of '62, John Morgan Building
Title: Measuring Disease-related Stigma among Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Mentor: Vincent Lo Re, III

Divyansh Agarwal (Genomics and Computational Biology)
October 21, 3:00, Smilow 11-146
Title: Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Single Cell Transcriptomics
Mentor: Nancy Ruonan Zhang

Ahmed Aly (Bioengineering)
October 29, 3:00, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: TBD
Mentors: Paul Yushkevich and Robert Gorman

september 2019

Amy Davis (CAMB – Microbiology, Virology and Parasitology)
September 5, 2:00, Class of ’62 Auditorium, JMB
Title: The effect of early life exposure on influenza antibody repertoire and subsequent consequences for viral evolution
Mentor: Scott Hensley

Samy Belfer (Neuroscience)
September 9, 3:00, Smilow 9-146
Title: A Drosophila model of Sleep Restriction Therapy for insomnia and neurodegenerative disease
Mentor: Matthew Kayser

Leilani Chirino (CAMB – Cancer Bio)
September 10, 1:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: TAM receptors attenuate NK cell responses via E3 ubiquitin ligase Cbl-b
Mentor: Taku Kambayashi

Alexander Sakers (CAMB – Genetics and Epigenetics)
September 12, noon, Smilow 11-146
Title: Identification of a mesenchymal progenitor cell hierarchy in adipose tissue
Mentor: Patrick Seale

Kate Szigety (BMB)
September 16, 10:00, Smilow 9-146
Title: HDAC3 ensures stepwise epidermal stratification via NCOR/SMRT-reliant mechanisms independent of its histone deacetylase activity
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Millar

Christina Wright (Neuroscience)
September 16, 10:00, Class of 1962, JMB
Title: Transcriptional control of enteric nervous system development: insights from mouse models and single-nucleus sequencing
Mentor: Dr. Robert Heuckeroth

Natania Field (CAMB – Microbiology, Virology and Parasitology)
September 16, 11:00, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: How Itch and Cullin 5 act in CD4 T cells to attenuate type 2 inflammation
Mentor: Paula Oliver

Omar Khan (Immunology)
September 18, 1:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: Transcriptional and Epigenetic Regulation of CD8+ T Cell Exhaustion by the Transcription Factor TOX
Mentor: E. John Wherry

Leela Chakravarti Dilley (CAMB – Genetics and Epigenetics)
September 19, 1:30, Smilow 11-146
Title: Identification of a molecular basis for the juvenile sleep state
Mentor: Matthew Kayser

august 2019

Andrew Murphy (BE)
August 7, 1:00, 225 Towne Bldg
Title: Informing neuromodulation therapies with a control-theory approach to brain network plasticity
Advisor: Dr. Dani Bassett

Henry Wang (BMB)
August 21, 11:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: Cytosolic delivery of inhibitory antibodies with cationic lipids
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Tsourkas

Ian Mellis (GCB)
August 28, 10:00, Gaulton Auditorium, BRB
Title Systems biology of gene regulation across scales: from single molecules to cellular identities
Advisor: Dr. Arjun Raj

Kris Wojtak (CAMB-GTV)
August 29, noon, Grossman Auditorium, Wistar
Title: DNA vaccines targeting infectious diseases and cancer
Advisor: Dr. Dave Weiner

2018 - 2019

july 2019

Piotr Kopinski (CAMB)
July 1, 10:00, Reunion, JMB
Title: Regulation of nuclear epigenome by mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy
Advisor: Dr. Doug Wallace

Eduardo Torre (BMB)
July 22, 11:00, Class of '62, JMB
Title: Screening for single cell variability modulators driving therapy resistance
Advisor: Dr. Arjun Raj

may 2019

Cedric Xia (neuro)
May 29, 9:00, 11-146 Smilow
Title: Linking functional brain networks to psychopathology and beyond
Advisors: Drs. Ted Satterthwaite and Dani Bassett

Michelle Munyikwa (Anthropology)
May 31, 10:00, Penn Museum, room 345
Title: "Up from the Dirt”: Racialized Refuge, Rupture, and Repair in Philadelphia
Advisor: Dr. Deb Thomas

january 2019

Ethan Solomon (BE)
January 24, 2:00, 225 Towne (Raisler Lounge)
Title: Characterization and perturbation of functional networks that support human memory
Advisor: Dr. Mike Kahana

Allyson Lieberman (CAMB)
January 28, 2:00, Rubenstein Aud., Smilow
Title: Calcineurin/NFAT Signaling in Fibroblast Homeostasis and Activation
Advisors: Drs. Sandra Ryeom and Ellen Puré

december 2018

Austin Good (CAMB)
December 6, 1:30, Law Auditorium, JMEC
Title: Translational Regulation in Pancreatic Beta Cells During Stress: Elucidation of an ERK/hnRNPK/JUND axis
Advisor: Dr. Doris Stoffers

november 2018

Ethan Mack (immunology)
November 1, 10:00, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: Trib1 controls granulocyte progenitor commitment and terminal cell identity and function
Advisor: Dr. Warren Pear

Mischa Li (CAMB)
November 13, 10:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: TIP60-dependent histone acetylation promotes DNA repair by homologous recombination.
Advisor: Dr. Roger Greenberg

Jae Lee (immunology)
November 14, 2:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: Hepatocytes direct the formation of a pro-metastatic niche in the liver
Advisor: Dr. Gregory Beatty

october 2018

Zach Hostetler (CAMB)
October 9, 3:00, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: A genetically encoded fluorescent amino acid reveals protein dynamics regulating the bacterial DNA damage response
Advisor: Dr. Rahul Kohli

september 2018

J. Maxwell Rogoski (HSS)
September 13, 11:00, 623 Williams
Title: Skins of Commerce: An Epidermal Tour through American Medicine and Markets, 1900–1970
Advisor: Dr. Robby Aronowitz

Vivek Behera (CAMB)
September 17, 2:00, Reunion, JMB
Title: Mining the spatial and temporal context by which transcription factors occupy chromatin
Advisor: Dr. Gerd Blobel

Sneha Narasimhan (neuro)
September 18, 2:00, Reunion, JMB
Title: The role of tau strains in generating the diversity of human tauopathies
Advisor: Dr. Virginia Lee

Esteban Luna (neuro)
September 20, 2:00, Barchi Library, 140 JMB
Title: Identifying factors that modulate neuronal subtype vulnerability to Lewy Pathology
Advisor: Dr. Kelvin Luk

Preya Shah (BE)
September 27, 2018, 2:30, 225 Towne (Raisler Lounge)
Title: Quantitative multimodal mapping of seizure networks in drug-resistant epilepsy
Advisor: Dr. Brian Litt

august 2018

Mingen “Jason” Liu (CAMB)
August 6, 12:00, Rubenstein Aud., Smilow
Title: Metabolic rewiring of macrophases promotes anti-tumor activity in pancreatic cancer
Advisor: Dr. Gregory Beatty

Jeremy Grevet (CAMB)
August 28, 10:00, Class of ’62, John Morgan
Title: Domain-focused CRISPR-screen identifies HRI as a fetal hemoglobin regulator in human erythroid cells
Advisor: Dr. Gerd Blobel

2017 - 2018

july 2018

Robert Dilley (CAMB)
July 18, 1:00, 515 JMEC
Title: Mechanisms of Telomere Repair Synthesis
Advisors: Dr. Roger Greenberg

Elizabeth Loy (CAMB)
July 19, 2:00, Law Auditorium, JMEC
Title: Plasmodium Infections of Wild Apes and Human Zoonotic Risk
Advisor: Dr. Beatrice Hahn

june 2018

Sheng Tang (neuroscience)
June 7, 3:00, Class of ’62, John Morgan
Title: Synaptic, Circuit, and Behavioral Insights into CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder
Advisors: Dr. Joe Zhou and Dr. Doug Coulter

Alexandra Adegoke (BE)
June 25, 12:00, 303 Towne
Title: Single cell mechanical trauma and recovery across scales
Advisor: Dr. Dave Meaney

Jessica Liu (BE)
June 27, 1:00, 303 Towne
Title: Harnessing Nonlinear Magnetic Fields to Control Nanoparticle Delivery and Drug Release
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Tsourkas

april 2018

Leo Wang (BE)
April 18, 2:00, Class of ’62, JMB
Title: Injectable hydrogels to deliver RNA interference therapies for myocardial infarction
Advisor: Dr. Jason Burdick

Yong Kim (CAMB)
April 23, 2:00, SCTR 11-146AB
Title: Transcriptional Control of Circadian Rhythms
Advisor: Dr. Mitch Lazar

Zandra Walton (CAMB)
April 30, 2:00, 251 BRB
Title: Acid suspends the circadian clock in hypoxia through inhibition of mTOR
Advisor: Dr. Chi Dang

january 2018

Dan Child (CAMB)
January 31, 1:00, 1200A Colket
Title: Cardiac effects of Huntington disease in murine models
Advisor: Dr. Bev Davidson

november 2017

Jeff Nirschl (Neuro)
Nov. 8, 2:00, Reunion, JMB
Title: Computational Image Analysis for Axonal Transport, Phenotypic Profiling, and Digital Pathology
Advisor: Dr. Erika Holzbaur

Will Rothwell (CAMB-GTV)
Nov 10, 1:00, Reunion, John Morgan Building
Title: Intrathecal AAV9.trastuzumab tumor prophylaxis and treatment in a murine xenograft model of HER2+ breast cancer brain metastases
Advisor:  Dr. Jim Wilson

Lohith Kini (BE)
November 17th, 10:00, 337 Towne
Title: Computational resection models in refractory epilepsy
Advisor: Brian Litt

Steve Baldassano (BE)
Nov 20, 12:30, 307 Levine
Title: Translational Machine Learning for Epilepsy Therapy
Advisor:  Brian Litt

Alan Tang (pharm)
Nov 21, 1:00, Rubenstein Auditorium, 1st floor, Smilow
Title: Endothelial TLR4 and the gut microbiome drive cerebral cavernous malformations
Advisor:  Mark Kahn

Jeff Kubiak (CAMB-MVP)
Nov 28, 2:00, Rubenstein Auditorium, 1st floor, Smilow
Title: A small-molecule inducible synthetic circuit for control of the SOS gene network without DNA damage
Advisor:  Rahul Kohli

october 2017

Jon Kotzin (Immunology)
Oct 12, 11:00, 12-146 Smilow
Title: Long non-coding RNA regulation of immune homeostasis
Advisor: Dr. Jorge Henao-Mejia

september 2017

Matt Emmett (CAMB)
Sept. 7, 1:00, 12-146 Smilow
Title: Histone Deacetylase 3 and the Epigenomic Regulation of Brown Adipose Physiology
Advisor: Dr. Mitch Lazar

august 2017

Tim Chao (CAMB)
Aug 28, 3:00, Rubenstein Auditorium, Smilow
Title: Cytokine networks and immunosurveillance in pancreatic cancer
Advisor:  Dr. Bob Vonderheide


july 2017

Basil Bakir (CAMB)
July 13, 1:00, 252 BRB
Title: The Role of p120ctn in the Initiation and Dissemination of Pancreatic Cancer
Advisor: Dr. Anil Rustgi 

Chris Yu (BE)
July 25, 2:00, JMEC 506E
Title: Regulation of the Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Transcriptome by Extracellular Matrix Stiffness
Advisors: Drs. Dan Rader and Rick Assoian

april 2017

Awo Layman (Immunology)
April 20, 1:00, Gaulton/BRB auditorium
Title: Ndfip1 regulates the function and pathogenicity of Th17 and Treg cells to promote normal immune homeostasis
Advisor: Dr. Paula Oliver

march 2017

Sheila Shanmugan (Neuroscience)
March 13, 11:00, Law Auditorium, 5th floor JMEC
Title: Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Behavioral and Neural Markers of Executive Function in Menopausal Women
Advisor: Dr. C. Neill Epperson

january 2017

Justin Becker (CAMB)
January 12, 1:30, 12-146 Smilow
Title: The human heterochromatin landscape: genomic subtypes, bound proteins, and contributions to cell identity
Advisor: Dr. Ken Zaret

Andrew Rech (CAMB)
January 27, 3:00, Rubenstein Auditorium, Smilow
Title: Determinants of adaptive immunity in cancer
Advisor: Dr. Bob Vonderheide

december 2016

Sarah Hsu (CAMB)
December 8, 11:00, Smilow 10-146
Title: Role of bromodomain and extraterminal motif proteins in transcription and chromatin architecture
Advisor: Dr. Gerd Blobel

Utpal Sandesara (Anthropology)
December 14, 12:00, University Museum, Room 345
Title: A necessary sin: an ethnographic study of sex selection in western india
Advisors: Drs. Philippe Bourgois and Adriana Petryna

Nick Iacobelli (Anthropology)
December 14, 2:00, University Museum, Room 345
Title: Wards of the State: Care and Custody in a Pennsylvania Prison
Advisor: Dr. Philippe Bourgois

Krishna Vijayendran (GCB)
December 19, 3:00, Austrian Aud, CRB
Title: Computational approaches for designing protein/inhibitor complexes and membrane protein variants
Advisor: Dr. Jeff Saven

november 2016

Monica Liu (BMB)
November 2, 10:00, Rubenstein Aud, Smilow
Title: Deciphering the Tetrad of Epigenetic Cytosine Modifications
Advisor: Dr. Rahul Kohli

Alice Ford (Neuroscience)
November 7, 2:30, Class of 62, JMB
Title: Mechanisms and Modifiers of Protein Misfolding and Toxicity Associated with Multisystem Proteinopathy
Advisor: Dr. Jim Shorter

Hoameng Ung (Bioengineering)
November 17, 12:00, 307 Levine
Title: Mining Biomarkers of Epilepsy from Large-Scale Intracranial Electroencephalography
Advisor Dr. Brian Litt

october 2016

Eric Mukherjee (CAMB)
October 3, 1:00, Rubenstein Aud, Smilow
Title: Lineage tracing of subclass-specific B cell repertoires in Pemphigus Vulgaris
Advisor: Dr. Aimee Payne

Sydney Shaffer (Bioengineering)
October 6, 3:00, Towne Building, Room 337
Title: Adventures with RNA FISH for diagnosing viral infections and exploring single-cell heterogeneity in cancer
Advisor: Dr. Arjun Raj

Sumeet Khetarpal (CAMB)
October 11, noon, Rubenstein Aud, Smilow
Title: Mining Novel Genomic Variants and Causal Pathways Linking HDL and Triglycerides to Coronary Disease
Advisor: Dr. Dan Rader

Ryan Jamiolkowski (Bioengineering)
October 13, time and location TBA
Title Single-molecule studies of tRNA dynamics during ongoing translation
Advisor: Dr. Yale Goldman

Jerome Molleston (CAMB)
October 18, 2:00, Reunion Hall, JMB
Title: A Conserved Antiviral Role for a Virus-Induced Cytoplasmic Exosome Complex
Advisor: Dr. Sara Cherry

Ted Kreider (CAMB)
October 31, 9:00, Class of ’62, JMB
TItle: HIV-1 Evolution during Natural Infection
Advisor: Dr. Bea Hahn

September 2016

Jacob Till (CAMB)
September 1, 2:00, Reunion Hall, JMB
Title: A New Mouse Model of Metastatic Gastric Cancer and E-Cadherin Primary Tumor Suppression
Advisor: Dr. Sandra Ryeom

David Tischfield (Neuroscience)
September 8, 1:00, Reunion Hall, JMB
Title: Identification of novel molecular-genetic pathways regulating the development of subpallial derivatives
Advisor: Dr. Stewart Anderson

Ian Lamborn (Immunology)
September 9, 2:00, BRB auditorium
Title: The Genetic, Molecular, and Cellular Bases of Unidentified Primary Immunodeficiencies
Advisors: Dr. Helen Su and Dr. Mike Leonardo

Liz Traxler (CAMB)
September 13, 11:00, Reunion Hall, JMB
Title: Insights into Terminal Erythropoiesis Influenced by Human Genetic Variation
Advisor: Dr. Mitch Weiss

Lance Peterson (Immunology)
September 21, 1:00, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: Regulation of Cell Death and Inflammation in Antibacterial Immunity
Advisors: Dr. Igor Brodsky

Lucie Guo (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics)
September 23, 1:00, CRB Austrian Auditorium
TItle: CENP-A and friends: a collaborative model for the epigenetic transmission of centromere identity
Advisor: Dr. Ben Black

august 2016

Julia Rood (Immunology)
August 17, 2:00, Class of ’62, JMB
Title: The role of activated CD8+ T cells in hemophagocytic syndromes
Advisor: Dr. Edward Behrens

Michael Loesche (CAMB)
August 29, 11:00, CRB Austrian Auditorium
Title: Temporal Dynamics of the Skin Microbiome in Disease
Advisors: Drs. Elizabeth Grice and Frederic Bushman

Luke Messac (History and Sociology of Science)
August 30, 10:00, Glossberg Seminar Room (Room 247), Lippincott Library
Title: Dividends of disquiet: popular politics and economic thought in the history of government medical services in Nyasaland/Malawi, 1914-1983
Date: Tuesday, August 30th
Advisor: Dr. Robby Aronowitz


june 2016

Paul Ginart (Bioengineering)
June 1, 10:00, 337 Towne
Title: Visuallizing allele-specific expression in single cells
Advisor: Dr. Arjun Raj

may 2016

Eva Klinman (Neuroscience)
May 23, 1:30, Class of ’62, JMB
Title: Regulation of Dynein-Depedent Neuronal Transport and Trafficking by CDK5
Advisor: Dr. Erika Holzbaur

november 2015

Sesh Sundararaman (CAMB)
November 3, 3:00, Class of ’62, JMB
Title: Comparative genomics of ape Plasmodium parasites reveals key evolutionary events leading to human malaria
Advisors: Dr. Bea Hahn and Dr. Rick Bushman

Chris Hsiung (CAMB)
November 6, 1:30, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: The mitotic genome: accessibility and transcriptional control
Advisors: Dr. Gerd Blobel, Dr. Arjun Raj

Derek Oldridge (GCB)
November 20, 9:00, Class of ’62, JMB
Title: Insights into neuroblastoma initiation and disease progression through integrative genomics and epigenomics
Advisor: Dr. John Maris

Michael Nakazawa (CAMB)
November 23, 1:00, 252 BRB
Title: Targeting Stress Response Pathways in Soft Tissue Sarcoma: The HIFs and Authophagy's Role in Tumor Survival
Advisor: Dr. Celeste Simon

october 2015

Christian Hinderer (CAMB)
October 2, 10:00, Class of ’62, JMB
Title: Intrathecal Adeno-Associated Virus Vector Delivery for Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I
Advisor: Dr. Jim Wilson

Will Cho (CAMB)
October 22, 2:00, Class of ’62, JMB
Title: Homologous Recombination-Directed Mechanisms of Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres
Advisor: Dr. Roger Greenberg

Tina Ho (CAMB)
October 29, 3:00, SCTR 9-146
Title: Dimerization prevents PMEL functional amyloid formation in early secretory compartments
Advisor: Dr. Micky Marks

september 2015

Nabil Thalji (Pharmacology)
September 4, 3:00, 8-146 Smillow
Title: A New Mechanism-Driven Bypassing Strategy for Direct Factor Xa Inhibitors Reveals an Unexpected Property of Target-Specific Anticoagulants
Advisor: Dr. Rodney Camire

Chris Hergott (CAMB)
September 15, 1:00, Class of '62 Auditorium, John Morgan Building
Title: Microbial Manipulation of Phagocyte Function During Infection and Health
Advisor: Dr. Jeff Weiser

Henry Bergquist (Health Care Management & Economics)
September 24, 8:00, Colonial Penn Center, Faculty Lounge
Title: An examination of medical technology disadoption and its relation to technology adoption and physician organization
Advisor: Dr. Guy David

august 2015

Louis Kang (Physics)
August 4, 2:30, David Rittenhouse Laboratory (DRL) 3W2
Title: Chirality and its spontaneous symmetry breaking in two liquid crystal systems
Advisor: Dr. Tom Lubensky and Dr. Andrea Liu

Apple Long (CAMB)
August 7, 9:00, 901 BRB
Title: Molecular mechanisms of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Advisor: Dr. Anil Rustgi

Bo Qiu (CAMB)
August 13, 10:30, CRB Austrian Auditorium
Title: Tumor promoting functions of lipid storage in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Advisor: Dr. Celeste Simon

Yin Li (Neuroscience)
August 21, 12:00, Barchi Library (140 John Morgan)
Title: When it's right to be wrong: learning from mistakes in an uncertain world
Advisor: Dr. Josh Gold

Sara Small (CAMB)
August 25, 2:00, BRB 252
Title: IL-10 family members as novel responders to genotoxic stress
Advisor: Dr. Eric Brown


July 2015

Alex Gill (Neuroscience)
July 23, 2:00, BRB 252
Title: A novel role for and potential therapeutic targeting of heme oxygenase-1 in HIV neuropathogenesis
Advisor: Dr. Dennis Kolson

Zach Rodgers (Bioengineering)
July 28, 1:00, Large MRI Conference Room, 1 Founders HUP
Title: Dynamic assessment of neurometabolism with MRI
Advisor: Dr. Felix Wehrli

may 2015

Ankit Jain (Neuroscience)
May 26, 10:00, Barchi Library, 140 JMB
Title: From Receptor to Brain: Synaptic, Cellular and Behavioral Pathophysiology in anti-GABA receptor and anti-NMDA receptor encephalitides
Advisor: Dr. Rita Balice Gordon

Nora Becker (Health Care Management)
May 28, 1:15, Colonial Penn Center Faculty Lounge
Title: Insurance Coverage Mandates for Preventive Care: The Market for Contraceptives
Advisor: Dr. Dan Polsky

april 2015

Yafeng Li (CAMB)
April 8, 12:00, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: Iron accumulation and complement dysregulation in the retinal pigment epithelium: implications for age-related macular degeneration
Advisor: Dr. Josh Dunaief

James Hui (Bioengineering)
April 13, 2:00, 5000 Vagelos
Title: Engineering a Light-Activated Protein Domain for the Site-Specific Conjugation of Native IgGs
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Tsourkas

march 2015

Mark Stoddard (CAMB)
March 9, 3:30, Class of '62, JMB
Title: Molecular Characterization of the Transmission and Early Diversification of HCV
Advisor: Dr. George Shaw

december 2014

Ray Zhang (GCB)
December 2, 10:00, BRB auditorium
Title: Building and Mining an Atlas of the Mammalian Circadian Transcriptome
Advisor: Dr. John Hogenesch

Rose Li (CAMB)
December 3, 2:00, Austrian Auditorium, CRB
Title: The Genomic Architecture of Pediatric Autoimmune Diseases
Advisors: Dr. Hakon Hakonarson and Dr. Brendan Keating

Johanna Busch (CAMB)
December 17, 2:00, 252 BRB
Title: Increased expression of the frontotemporal dementia risk factor TMEM106B alters lysosomal and autophagosomal pathways
Advisor: Dr. Alice Chen Plotkin

Mark Ferreira (CAMB)
December 18, 2:00, 252 BRB
Title: Spontaneous pancreatitis caused by tissue-specific ablation of Hhex in mice
Advisor: Dr. Klaus Kaestner

Aaron Stonestrom (CAMB)
December 19, 10:00, 8-146 Smilow CTR
Title: Function of BET proteins in GATA1-mediated transcription
Advisor: Dr. Gerd Blobel

Rafi Winograd (CAMB)
December 19, 1:00, SCTR Auditorium
Title: Resistance to PD-1 blockade in pancreatic cancer
Advisor: Dr. Bob Vonderheide

Jon Brestoff Parker (CAMB)
December 19, 2:00, Class of '62, JMB
Title: Innate immune cell regulation of metabolic homeostasis
Advisor: Dr. David Artis

November 2014

Brian Finkelman (Epidemiology)
November 5, 11:30, 701 Blockley
Title: Prediction in therapeutic effectiveness research: prolonged dose titration in warfarin patients and model transportability
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Kimmel

Ting Yang (CAMB)
November 5, 9:00, Class of ’62, JMB
Title: Mutual reinforcement between telomere capping and canonical Wnt pathway activity in the intestinal stem cell niche
Advisor: Dr. Brad Johnson

october 2014

Mudit Gupta (CAMB)
October 8, 1:00, Smilow 11-146
Title: Regulation of Progenitor Cell Commitment by Hdac3
Advisor: Dr. Jon Epstein

Lauren Banks (CAMB)
October 28, 1:00, CRB Austrian Auditorium
Title: The role of the Akt2 isoform in Th17 differentiation in vitro and peripheral CD4 T cell immune responses in vivo
Advisor: Dr. Gary Koretzky

Steven Siegel (CAMB)
October 31, 12:00pm, 209 Johnson Pavilion
Title: Inflammation promotes pneumococcal colonization of the respiratory tract
Advisor: Dr. Jeff Weiser

september 2014

Ashwin Ramayya (Neuroscience)
September 5, 1:00, Barchi Library, 140 JMB
Title: Human Reinforcement Learning: Insights from Intracranial Recordings and Stimulation
Advisor: Dr. Mike Kahana

Sheena Baratono (Immunology)
September 25, 2:00, Class of '62, JMB
Title: Toll-like receptor 9 and Interferon-γ receptor signaling suppress the B cell fate of uncommitted progenitors
Advisor: Dr. Ed Behrens

august 2014

Ari Friedman (Health Care Management and Economics)
August 1, 9:00, Faculty Lounge, Colonial Penn Center
Title: Firm response to low-reimbursement patients in the market for unscheduled outpatient care
Advisor: Dr. Mark Pauly


june 2014

Alice Zhou (CAMB)
June 4, 9:30, 09-146AB Smilow Center for Translational Research
Title: Effect of Cyclosporin A on the tumor microenvironment
Advisor: Dr. Sandra Ryeom

may 2014

Omar Butt (Neuroscience)
May 22, 2:00, Barchi Library, 140 John Morgan
Title: Form in Darkness: Linking Visual Cortex Structure with Spontaneous Neural Function
Advisor: Dr. Geoff Aguirre

april 2014

Erica Dwyer (History and Sociology of Science)
April 25, 2:00, Claudia Cohen Hall room 337
Title: The power of eXtremes: global science, rural Africa and the making of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis as a global health crisis (tentative)
Advisor: Dr. Steve Feierman

january 2014

Jessica Shay (CAMB)
January 3, 1:00, BRB Auditorium
Title: Hypoxia Inducible Factors in Cancer and Inflammation
Advisor: Dr. Celeste Simon

december 2013

Chuka Didigu (CAMB)
December 3, 2:00, Reunion Hall, JMB
Title: Precision genome engineering using designer nucleases: Specificity and therapeutic applications
Advisor: Dr. Bob Doms

Chris Thom (CAMB)
December 12, 2:00, Smilow Center for Translational Research Auditorium
Title: The role of Trim58 in erythropoiesis
Advisor: Dr. Mitch Weiss

Andrew Liu (Bioengineering)
December 20, 9:00, Barchi Library, JMB
Title: Temporal Processing in Auditory Perceptual Grouping and Decision Making
Advisor: Dr. Yale Cohen

november 2013

Daniel Abravanel (CAMB)
November 25, 2:00, SCTR 9-146
Title: Role of Notch Signaling in Breast Cancer Progression
Advisor: Dr. Lewis Chodosh

october 2013

Lisa Korn (Immunology)
October 14, 2:00, Class of ’62, JMB
Title: The role of antigen-specific signals in the regulation of CD4+ T cell niches in the intestine
Advisor: Dr. Terri Laufer

Teddy Drivas (CAMB)
October 24, 2013, 10:00, BRB auditorium
Title: Bridging the gap: Defining the molecular mechanisms of CEP290 disease pathogenesis
advisor: Dr. Jean Bennett

Rena Zheng (Immunology)
October 28, 2013, 3:00, Class of ’62, JMB
Title: The function of GATA factors in the adult liver
Advisor: Dr. Gerd Blobel

Ryan Moy (Immunology)
October 30, 2013, 2:00, Reunion Hall, JMB
Title: An evolutionarily conserved role for autophagy in antiviral defense
Advisor: Dr. Sara Cherry

september 2013

Andrew Stern (CAMB)
September 3, 2013, 10:00, 251 BRB
Title: Nitric oxide sensing and response in Vibrio cholerae
Advisor: Dr. Jay Zhu

Paul Hess (CAMB)
September 6, 2013, 11:00, SCTR 10-146
Title: Platelets Mediate Lympho-Venous Hemostasis to Maintain Blood-Lymphatic Separation Throughout Life
Advisor: Dr. Mark Kahn

Sean Spencer (Immunology)
September 9, 2013, 1:00, Smilow Center for Translational Research Auditorium
Title: Dietary Vitamin A Regulates Intestinal Innate Immunity
Advisor: Dr. Yasmine Belkaid (NIH)

Kevan Salimian (BMB)
September 10, 2013, 2:00, BRB auditorium
Title: Structural and mechanistic insights into centromere specification and kinetochore regulation
Advisor: Dr. Ben Black

David Rawnsley (CAMB)
September 13, 2013, 12:00, SCTR 9-146
Title: Functions of Atoh8 and Mekk3 in Cardiovascular Development
Advisor: Dr. Mark Kahn

Jesse Platt (CAMB)
September 18, 2013, 2:00, Reunion, John Morgan
Title: Rap1 Relocalization Contributes to the Chromatin-Mediated Gene Expression Profile and Pace of Cell Senescence
Advisor: Dr. Brad Johnson

Irene Chernova (Immunology)
September 27, 2013, 2:00, Class of '62, John Morgan
Title: Cellular basis of antibody maintenance: Heterogeneity of the bone marrow plasma cell pool
Advisor: Dr. Dave Allman

august 2013

Rohan Joshi (Immunology)
August 1, 1:00, CRB Austrian Auditorium
Title: Regulation of T Cell Receptor Signaling by Diacylglycerol Kinases and Phosphatidylinositol Transfer Proteins
Advisor: Dr. Gary Koretzky

Josiah Petersen (CAMB)
August 15, 3:00, Class of ’62, John Morgan
Title: Identifying Host Factors Important for Hantavirus Entry
Advisor: Dr. Bob Doms

David Combs (Neuroscience)
August 21, 1:00,Barchi Library, 140 John Morgan
Title: The roles of outer leaflet lipids in ion channel function and bacterial virulence
Advisor: Dr. Zhe Lu

Yang Li (CAMB)
August 27, 10:00, Wistar Auditorium
Title: The Impact of Receptor Binding Avidity and Immune History on the Antigenic Determination of Influenza A Viruses
Advisor: Dr. Scott Hensley

Chris Nabel (CAMB)
August 28, 10:00, CRB Austrian Auditorium
Title: Nucleic acid determinants of cytosine deamination by AID/APOBEC enzymes in immunity and epigenetics
Advisor: Dr. Rahul Kohli