The Penn MSTP program has several videos that MD-PhD applicants, our current students, faculty and staff may find interesting and informative:

Distinguished Graduate Award Discussion with Nobel Laureate
Gregg L. Semenza, MD, PhD


Awo Layman (IGG MD/PhD) & Dr. Paula Oliver (CAMB, IGG)
- This video was filmed as part of Penn’s Biomedical Graduate Studies 30th Anniversary celebration. It features a thoughtful interview with Awo Layman, a recent graduate, and her thesis mentor, Dr. Paula Oliver.


Doc-Talk is an engaging interview show created by a current MD/PhD student, Divyansh Agarwal. Many episodes have been filmed featuring 15-30 minute interviews with physician scientist leaders at, or affiliated with, Penn:

  1. Harvey Rubin, MD, PhD
  2. Timothy H. Lucas, Jr., MD, PhD
  3. Jonathan A. Epstein, MD
  4. Michael S. Brown, MD (Nobel Laureate 1985)
  5. Flaura K. Winston MD, PhD
  6. Kassa Darge, MD, PhD
  7. Jennifer K. Walter, MD, PhD
  8. Gregg Semenza, MD, PhD (Lasker Laureate 2016, Nobel Laureate 2019)
  9. Philomena McAndrew, MD
  10. Jeffrey Myers, MD, PhD

In addition, in Episode 8, he interviews 4 members of the Penn MD/PhD program (Dr. Skip Brass, Dr. Rahul Kohli, Dr. Aimee Payne, and Maggie Krall) to discuss "Merging Careers in Science and Medicine":


60th anniversary celebration

On March 27, 2019, the MD/PhD program celebrated it's 60th anniversary. You can now watch the day's events online. Click on the link: MD/PhD 60th Anniversary Symposium

other videos of interest

Dianna Milewicz TEDxHouston - "Why are physician-scientists crucial to our future?"



If you have suggestions on other videos relevant to physician-scientists, please feel free to email them to the
Penn MSTP Office