class meetings and chalk talks

Class meetings

Skip and Maggie will meet with each class in the summer to discuss what's ahead for the upcoming year.

schedule for Summer 2023:

Rising 2nd years
July 13, 12:00 PM, 9-146 Smilow

Rising 3rd years

Rising 4th years (including Dr. Rahul Kohli)
July 6, 12:00 PM, 252 BRB

Rising 5th years
July 17; 12:00 PM, 251 BRB

Rising 6th years (dissertation phase)
June 8; 12:00 PM, 253 BRB

Rising 7th years (dissertation phase)
June 15; 12:30 PM, 253 BRB

Chalk talks

During the thesis years, classes have the option of organizing class chalk talks. Chalk talks are a great way to share research and stay connected with classmates. Classes have also held events such as faculty panel discussions and some other career-oriented topics. Class chalk talk dates are shared via email.