Academic Honor Code - PSOM

Academic Honor Code for the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

All students who matriculate in the Perelman School of Medicine are required to sign and abide by the following Honor Code.

I will conduct myself in accordance with the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all academic activities (including clinical work and research).  This includes adherence to the pledges below:

I will neither give nor receive aid in examinations or assignments unless expressly permitted by the instructor.

I will report accurately all data regarding history and physical findings, laboratory results, and other information relevant to patient care. 

Any research I conduct will be done in an unbiased manner, with results reported truthfully and with credit given for ideas developed and work done by others.

I will not engage in any form of plagiarism in any manuscript, presentation, or course paper as outline in the University of Pennsylvania’s Code of Academic Integrity. I understand that plagiarism includes: using the exact language of someone else without the use of quotation marks and without giving proper credit to the author; presenting the sequence of ideas or arranging the material of someone else, even though such is expressed in my own words, without giving appropriate acknowledgement; or submitting a document written by someone else but representing it as my own. 

I agree to comply with the University’s Code of Academic Integrity.

I understand that I may be brought before the Student Standards Committee if I violate this honor code.