Graduation Requirements

Fall 1st Year (4.5 credits)

  • MOD100A Clinical Anatomy
  • MOD100B Biochemistry
  • MOD100C Epidemiology
  • MOD100E Embryology
  • MOD100G Genetics
  • MOD100H Cell And Tissue Biology
  • MOD100M Microbiology And Infectious Diseases I
  • MOD100X Cancer Biology
  • MOD300 Introduction To Clinical Medicine: The Doctor-Patient Relationship
  • MOD302 Introduction To Clinical Medicine: History
  • MOD600 Doct. 1A-Introduction To Medicine And Society

Spring 1st Year (6 credits)

  • MOD200B Brain And Behavior  
  • MOD200E Endocrinology
  • MOD200G Gastroenterology
  • MOD200P Mechanisms Of Disease And Therapeutic Intervention
  • MOD200R Reproduction
  • MOD301 Introduction To Ultrasound Diagnostics
  • MOD320 Health Care Systems
  • MOD6011 Doct. 1B-Pt/Family Centered Care: Comm With Pts/Families

Fall 2nd Year (4 credits)

  • MOD200C Cardiology
  • MOD307    Pediatric Introduction To Clinical Medicine
  • MOD6012  Doct. 1C-Pers/Prof Dev:How To Maintain One's Well Being In Clinic
  • MOD200D Dermatology 
  • MOD200N Renal
  • MOD200L Pulmonary
  • MOD200M Microbiology And Infectious Diseases II
  • MOD305 Differential Diagnosis
  • MOD306 Adult Introduction To Clinical Medicine

Required Clerkships (12 credits)

  • ANE200 Clerkship in Anesthesia
  • EMR200 Clerkship in Emergency Medicine
  • FAM200 Clerkship in Family Medicine     
  • MED200  Clerkship In Medicine                                         
  • MOD602 Doctoring II
  • NEU200 Clerkship in Neurology
  • OBG200 Clerkship in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • OPH200 Clerkship in Ophthalmology
  • ORT200 Clerkship in Orthopaedic Surgery
  • OTO200 Clerkship in Otorhinolarnygology
  • PED200 Clerkship in Pediatrics
  • PSY200 Clerkship in Psychiatry
  • SUR200 Clerkship in Surgery

  • A sub I in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Medicine, or Pediatrics (1 credit)
  • 4 months of standard electives as listed in the on-line course catalogue (4 credits)
  • 2 months of other electives, which may be standard electives, away US months, Botswana (counts as 1 month), or 2 additional months of scholarly pursuit (beyond the required 3 months) (2 credits)
  • Scholarly Pursuit (minimum of 3 months, post-Module 4; can also be fulfilled by earning a 2nd degree while in medical school) (3 credits)
  • Frontiers (3 weeks) (.75 credits)
  • Bioethics (1 week) (.25 credits)
  • Step 1, Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK), and Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS) 
    • All exams must be taken and passed.   Step 1 and 2CK must be taken by November 30th before graduation year.  Step 2 CS must be taken by November 1st before graduation year.
  • Clinical Skills Inventory exam
    • Exam must be taken early in the calendar year after all clerkships have been completed.
  • ACLS

All of the above categories must be fulfilled.  Substitutions are not permitted.