2022-2023 Tuition Information

  • All students must pay eight semesters of medical school tuition.  The only exceptions are students who are:
    • MD/MBA, MD/MPH, MD/MSCE, MD/MSHP, MD/MSME, and MD/MTR programs (total semesters paid is 7 as long as 3 semesters are paid to the other Penn program)
    • MD/OMF surgery program (total semesters paid is 5)
    • MD/JD program (7 semesters are MD, 5 semesters are Penn JD)
  • Students who are enrolled for more than eight semesters (due to academic difficulty or due to extending education) only pay eight semesters of tuition.
  • Tuition charges generally follow the students' curriculum. For MD/PhD students, a total of five years of tuition are required with the first two years being MD rates and the last three years being PhD rates.
  • Students are entitled to enroll for clinical rotations, scholarly pursuit, or research during the summer if medical school tuition is paid in the previous spring and the upcoming fall.   Otherwise, charges may be applied to the summer term
  • The tuition refund policy is:
    • First two weeks of classes: 75%
    • 3rd and 4th weeks of classes: 50%
    • Thereafter: 0%