Safety Net

  • A guide to using Safety Net can be found on Canvas. You will be able to use Safety Net for reporting occurrences of mistreatment you either have experienced yourselves or have observed in interactions with other regardless of your standing in the curriculum or your physical location, i.e., JMEC, HUP, CHOP, etc.
  • Medical students who choose to identify themselves when reporting an incident will be contacted within 48 hours by a member of the Student Affairs Office so an investigation can be initiated. This is in keeping with the Safe and Healthy Learning Environment policy.
  • Medical students who choose to remain anonymous will not receive any follow up feedback on the incident. Rather, anonymous reports will be complied by the Academic Programs Office for trend analysis. A bi-annual report will be provided to students and all appropriate members of Penn Medicine regarding these trends.
  • Safety Net can be found via the UPHS intranet. Please bookmark the link so you will have easy access. The link can be accessed outside of the UPHS network via VPN.