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MD/Master of Science in Health Policy Research (MSHP)

Health policy research is a scientific field of inquiry that examines the structures, functions and outcomes of health services delivered to individuals and populations and the impact of and implications for policies governing the delivery of these services. The MD/Master of Science in Health Policy Research (MSHP) program is based out of the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine in close collaboration with the Leonard Davis Institute (LDI) and the Department of Health Care Systems at the Wharton School. Building upon the trans-disciplinary nature of LDI, this program is also closely affiliated with the Annenberg School for Communication and the School of Social Policy and Practice. The program’s primary goal is to train outstanding investigators in health services and policy research. The curriculum spans four major domains: health economics, health policy, qualitative and quantitative measurement, and statistics. Students completing the MD/MSHP program are well situated to pursue careers in academia, non-profit organizations and health policy. Tailored educational experiences enable students to engage effectively with community partners, policy makers, and other interested stake holders.  Through mentored research students learn to plan and execute policy-relevant, patient-centered research using a variety of different methodologies including qualitative, cross-sectional, simulation, quasi-experimental, and experimental study designs.

These guidelines offer prospective and current Perelman medical students specific information regarding components of the MD/MSHP dual degree program. When students are accepted into the Master of Science in Health Policy Research program, they must take responsibility for following all regulations and policies of the Medical School and of the MSHP Program.

Please note that policies concerning admissions, curriculum, funding and financial aid are subject to change. Additionally, though variations in the curriculum may be possible, any changes will need prior approval and may have financial implications. This website is meant to provide preliminary general overview information only. Students interested in or enrolled in the program should seek personal advising from relevant faculty and staff.