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MD/Master of Science in Translational Research (MSTR)

The MD/Master of Science in Translational Research (MD/MSTR) program is designed to provide Perelman medical students with in-depth instruction in the fundamental skills, methodology, and principles necessary to be a well trained translational investigator. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are expected to have developed a strong foundation in the fundamental techniques of translational research and should be able to apply contemporary research tools to clinically relevant areas of investigation. The program aims to produce junior translational researchers who are knowledgeable about the complex issues associated with conducting sound translational research.

Please note that the following guidelines apply only to Perelman medical students. The program is not open to medical students from other institutions.

Please note that policies concerning admissions, curriculum, funding and financial aid are subject to change. Additionally, though variations in the curriculum may be possible, any changes will need prior approval and may have financial implications. This website is meant to provide preliminary general overview information only. Students interested in or enrolled in the program should seek personal advising from relevant faculty and staff.