2008 Research Paper Prize Competition

Recipients of the 2008 "Medical Student Research Paper Prizes"

Robert M. Toll Prize - Mike Gandal

John G. Clark Prize - Mike Buckstein

Rose Meadow Levinson Memorial Prize - Doug Lin

Balduin Lucke Memorial Prize - Sarah Choi

Morton McCutcheon Memorial Prize - Ben Kozyak

Dr. Roy G. Williams - George Hanna

Dr. Wm. F. Jeffers Prize - Jenn Orthmann-Murphy

George W. Householder, III Memorial Prize - Larry Bish

Mary Ellis Bell Prize - Michelle Morse

O.H. Perry Pepper Prize - Maulik Zaveri

Creskoff Award - Katherine Lynch

Dr. David B.P. Goodman Award - Jaime Moo-Young

Clinical Epi Research Prize - Debbie Jones

CCEB Prize - Fenton McCarthy

Leonard Davis Institute Prize for Health Services Research - Jillian Mongeluzzo

Pulmonary Prize - Jason Lott

Renal Research Prize - Emily Cooper

ITMAT Prize for Clinical/Translational Research - Seth Martin

Richard K. Root Prize for Inf. Disease Research - Jason Goldman

Celso-Ramon Garcia Award for Outstanding Women's Health Research - Sade Udoetuk

Jonathan Rhodes Prize for Surgical Scholarship - Kristen Hyland

Emergency Medicine Research Award - Kathy Lin

Marc Levine Radiology Research Award - Eric Mellon

John Glick Prize for Translational Cancer Research - Deepika Nemani


The following prizes that were not awarded this year:

Endocrine Award

James Saunders Prize

The Alexandra J. Kefalides Memorial Award