2009 Research Paper Prize Competition

Recipients of the 2009 "Medical Student Research Paper Prizes"

Balduin Lucke Memorial Prize - Marisa Juntila
Title: Akt1 and Akt2 are required for αβ thymocyte survival and differentiation

CCEB Prize - Lauren Marlowe
Title: Blood Culture Contamination Rates Following Skin Antisepsis with Chlorascrub™ vs. Povidone-Iodine in a Pediatric Emergency Department

Celso-Ramon Garcia Award for Outstanding Women's Research - Abigail Berman
Title: Dose-Volume Comparison of Combined IMRT and Proton Therapy versus IMRT for Pelvis and Para-aortic Radiotherapy in Gynecologic Malignancies

Clinical Epidemology Prize - Sarah Chu
Title: Mean Platelet Volume as a Predictor of Cardiovascular Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Aldolf J. Creskoff Prize - Meredith Miller
Title: Small-molecule inhibitors of integrin that prevent pathological thombus formation via an allosteric mechanism

Dr. David B. P. Goodman Award - Pamela Morganroth
Title: A randomized double-blind comparison of the total dose of 1.0% lidocaine with 1:000,000 epinephrine versus 0.5% lidocaine with 1:200,000 epinephrine requried for effective local anesthesia during Mohs surgery for skin cancers

Dr. Roy G. Williams Award - Eric Allenspach
Title: Migratory and Lumphoid-Resident Dendritic Cells Cooperate to Efficiently Prime Naïve CD4 T cells

Dr. Williams F. Jeffers Prize - Andy McClelland
Title: Ephrin-B1 and ephrin-B2 mediate EphB-dependent presynaptic development via syntenin-1

Emergency Medicine Prize - Caitlin Farrell
Title: Seeking Medical Care for Young Children with Fractures: When Should We Worry?

George W. Householder, III Memorial Prize - Ben Kleaveland
Title: Regulation of cardiovascular development and integrity by the heart of glass-cerebral cavernous malformation protein pathway

ITMAT Prize for Clinical/Translational Research - Amit Khera
Title: On-statin Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein (CETP) Mass and Risk of Recurrent Coronary Events

John G. Clark Prize - Anil Panigrahi
Title: RS Rearrangement as a Marker of Receptor Editing in Lupus and Type 1 Diabetes

John Glick Prize for Translational Cancer Research - Elana Katz
Title: Lymphedema and Exercise: Gaining Use and Productivity (LEG-UP) Pilot Study

Jonathan Rhoads Prize for Surgical Scholarship - Suneel Bhat
Title: Mortality Analysis and Stochastic Stimulation of Costs Associated with Bariatric Surgery: Reconsidering the BMI Threshold

Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics Research Prize - Amol Navathe
Title: The Formation of Peer Reputation among Physicians and its Effect on Technology Adoption

Mary Ellis Bell - Martina Lefterova
Title: PPARy and C/EBP Factors Orchestrate Adipocyte Biology Via Adjacent Binding on a Genome-Wide Scale

Morton McCutcheon Memorial Prize - Jing Wang Hughes
Title: The Orphan Nuclear Receptor REV-erbα Regulates Circadian Expression of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Type 1

O.H. Perry Pepper Prize - Adam Rowh
Title: Antiretroviral Failure Despite High Levels of Adherence: Discordant Adherence-Response Relationship in Botswana

Pediatric Research Prize - Lori Kestenbaum
Title: Defining Clinically Relevant Reference Values for Cerebrospinal Fluid White Blood Cell Counts in Neonates and Young Infants

Pumonary Research Prize - Michelle Kim
Title: The effect of multidisciplinary care teams on intensive care unit mortality

Robert M. Toll Prize - Melissa Rooney
Title: Increased Intra-Subject Variability in Response Time in Youths with Bipolar Disorder and At-Risk Family Members

Robert M. Toll Prize - Allison Tweedie
Title: Medical Decision Making in ADHD: A Study Exploring How Families Overcome Barriers to Mental Health Treatment for Children

Rose Meadow Levinson Memorial Prize - Priya Dedhia
Title: Trib1, Trib2, but not Trib3 degrade C/EBPα and induce acute myelogenous leukemia or Differential ability of Tribbles family members to induce acute myelogenous leukemia

Rose Meadow Levinson Memorial Prize - David Wise
Title: Myc regulates a transcriptional program that stimulates mitochondrial glutaminolysis and leads to glutamine addiction