2012 Research Paper Prize Competition

Recipients of the 2012 "Medical Student Research Paper Prizes"

Abramson Cancer Center clinical/translational research prize – Nataniel Lester-Coll
Title: A Decision Analysis of Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy in Women Undergoing Treatment for Sporadic Unilateral Breast Cancer

Abramson Cancer Center basic research prize – Arun Padmanabhan
Title: Zebrafish neurofibromatosis type 1 genes have redundant functions in tumorigenesis and embryonic development

Balduin Lucke Memorial Prize – Maria Ciocca
Title: Asymmetric Proteasome Segregation as a Mechanism for Unequal Partitioning of the Transcription Factor T-bet during T Lymphocyte Division

Celso-Ramon Gracia Award for Outstanding Women’s Health Research – Christopher Morse
Title: Performance of human chorionic gonadotropin curves in women at risk for ectopic pregnancy: exceptions to the rules

Clinical Epidemiology Research Prize – Sydney Brown
Title: The Epidemiology of Intensive Care Unit Readmissions in the United States

Creskoff Prize – Eugene Khandros
Title: Integrated protein quality control pathways degrade free αglobin in β-thalassemia

David B. P. Goodman Award – Kristin Galetta
Title: Visual Pathway Axonal Loss in Benign Multiple Sclerosis: A Longitudinal Study

Department of Neurosurgery Award – Joaquin De Rojas
Title: Electroencephalographic changes following direct current deep brain stimulation of auditory cortex: A new model for investigating neuromodulation

Edward Raffensperger Research Prize – Rebecca Hartman
Title: Optimizing Adjuvant Treatment Decisions for Stage T2 Rectal Cancer Based on Mesorectal Node Size: A Decision Analysis

Endocrine Award – Kashif Jafri
Title: The Anti-Oxidative Capacity of High-Density Lipoprotein Is Reduced In Acute Coronary Syndrome But Not In Stable Coronary Artery Disease

George W. Householder, III Memorial Prize – Andrew Edmondson
Title: Mining the LIPG Allelic Spectrum Reveals the Contribution of Rare and Common Regulatory Variants to HDL Cholesterol

ITMAT Prize for Clinical/Translational Research – Michael Kelly-Sell
Title:  The histone deacetylase inhibitor, romidepsin, suppresses cellular immune functions of cutaneous T cell lymphoma patients

John G. Clark Prize – Jacob Lazarus
Title: Dynein Tethers and Stabilizes Dynamic Microtubule Plus-Ends

John Pryor Award for Trauma Research – Ron Golan
Title:  Terrorist Explosions Involving Buses: On-Board Explosions versus Explosions Occurring Adjacent to a Bus

John R. Stanley Research Prize for Dermatology – Joy Wan
Title: Comparative Effectiveness of Commonly Used Systemic Treatments or Phototherapy for Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis in the Clinical Practice Setting

Jonathan Rhoads Prize for Surgical Scholarship – Dan Hashimoto
Title:  Intraoperative resident education for robotic laparoscopic gastric banding surgery: A pilot study on the safety of stepwise education

Jonathan Rhoads Prize for Surgical Scholarship – Jarrod Predina
Title:  Neoadjuvant in situ gene-mediated cytotoxic immunotherapy improves postoperative outcomes in novel syngeneic esophageal carcinoma models

Leonard Davis Institute’s William L. Kissick, MD, DrPH, Health Policy Research Prize – Michael Sargen
Title: Gaps in the Supply of Physicians, Advance Practice Nurses, and Physician Assistants

Mary Ellis Bell Prize – Scott Gordon
Title: The Transcription Factors T-bet and Eomes Control Key Checkpoints of Natural Killer Cell Maturation

Mary Ellis Bell Prize – Amar Majmundar
Title: O2 Regulates Skeletal Muscle ProgenitorDifferentiation throughPhosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase/AKT Signaling

Marc Levine Radiology Research Award – Varsha Jain
Title: Rapid magnetic resonance measurement of global cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumption in humans during rest and hypercapnia

Morton McCutcheon Memorial Prize – Alison Schram
Title:  A germline JAK2 SNP is associated with predisposition to the development of JAK2V617F-positive myeloproliferative neoplasms

O.H. Perry Pepper Prize – Colette Shen
Title: Decreased cell adhesion promotes angiogenesis in a Pyk2-dependent manner

Orthopaedic Research Prize – R. Carter Clement
Title: The Total Ankle Arthroplasty Learning Curve with New-Generation Implants: A Single Surgeon’s Experience

The Peterman-Arnold Medical Student Award for Endocrinology Research – Marcus Goncalves
Title: Activin receptor type IIB (ActRIIB) inhibition alters muscle metabolism and total energy expenditure in mice

Pulmonary Resesarch Prize – Ricki Carroll
Title: Motivations of Patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension to Participate in Randomized Clinical Trials

Renal Research Prize – Rachel Yang
Title: Tertiary Hyperparathyroidism In Kidney Transplant Recipients: Characteristics of Patients Selected for Different Treatment Strategies

Richard K. Root Prize for Infectious Disease Research – Robert Bonacci
Title: Impact of cigarette smoking on rates and clinical prognosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in Southern Mexico

Richard K. Root Prize for Infectious Disease Research – Karen Ocwieja
Title: HIV integration targeting: a pathway involving Transportin-­3 and the nuclear pore protein RanBP2

Robert M. Toll Prize – Katherine Knapp
Title: Examining Reasons for Not Presenting for Trachomatis Trichiasis Surgery

Robert M. Toll Prize – Elisabeth Tracey
Title: Optimizing reliability and sensitivity of Semmes–Weinstein monofilaments for establishing point tactile thresholds

Rose Meadow Levinson Memorial Prize – Sam Crayton
Title: pH-Titratable Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide for Improved Nanoparticle Accumulation in Acidic Tumor Microenvironments

Rose Meadow Levinson Memorial Prize – David Schoppy
Title: Oncogenic stress sensitizes murine cancers to hypomorphic suppression of ATR

Dr. Roy G. Williams Award – Kevan Salimian
Title: Feedback Control in Sensing Chromosome Biorientation by the Aurora B Kinase

Dr. Roy G. Williams Award – Brittany Weber
Title: A critical role for TCF-1 in T-lineage specification and differentiation

Stuart L. Fine Ophthalmology Medical Student Research Prize – Natalie Wolkow
Title: Ferroxidase Hephaestin’s Cell- Autonomous Role in the Retinal Pigment Epithelium

Dr. William F. Jeffers Prize – Armen Moughamian
Title: Dynactin Is Required for Transport Initiation from the Distal Axon

Dr. William F. Jeffers Prize – Stephanie Cross
Title: Dimethyl Fumarate, an Immune Modulator and Inducer of the Antioxidant Response, Suppresses HIV Replication and Macrophage-Mediated Neurotoxicity: A Novel Candidate for HIV Neuroprotection