2023 Research Paper Prize Competition

Recipients of the 2023 "Medical Student Research Paper Prizes"

Abramson Cancer Center basic science research prize – Juan Serrano
Title: Structure-Guided Design of a Potent and Specific Inhibitor against the Genomic Mutator APOBEC3A

Abramson Cancer Center clinical/translational research prize – Xinhe Shan
Title: High SOX2 expression is associated to poor survival in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma

AI and Informatics in Medicine – Rajat Chandra
Title: Evaluation of Multiple Machine Learning Models for Predicting Number of Anti-VEGF Injections in the Comparison of AMD Treatment Trials (CATT)

AI and Informatics in Medicine – Cameron Gudobba
Title: Automating Hair Loss Labels for Universally Scoring Alopecia from Images: Rethinking Alopecia Scores

Balduin Lucke Memorial Prize – Rachel Ceron
Title: A solution to the long-standing problem of actin expression and purification

Celso-Ramon Garcia Award for Outstanding Women’s Health Research – Sylvia Rhodes
Title: Factors Associated with Travel Distance in the Receipt of Proton Breast Radiotherapy

Celso-Ramon Garcia Award for Outstanding Women’s Health Research – Megan Zhao
Title: Sex-related differences and hormonal effects in the Dry Eye Assessment and Management (DREAM) study

Clinical Epidemiology Research Prize – Jeromy Gotschall
Title: Population Sociodemographic and Geographic Factors Associated with Dermatologist Distribution in the U.S.

Creskoff Prize – Karun Kiani
Title: Changes in chroma.n accessibility are not concordant with transcrip.onal changes for singlefactor perturba.ons

David B. P. Goodman Award – Krista Moore
Title: Impact of deceased organ donor injection drug use on donor culture positivity and recipient outcomes

Emergency Medicine – Aidan Crowley
Title: Disparities in Emergency Department and Urgent Care Opioid Prescribing Before and After Randomized Clinician Feedback Interventions

Gail Morrison Prize – Eda Algur, Sweta Narayan, Peter Park, William Song
Title: Representation of Asian American Populations in Medical School Curricula

George W. Householder, III Memorial Prize – Connie Jiang
Title: Cell type determination for cardiac differentiation occurs soon after seeding of human-induced pluripotent stem cells

George W. Householder, III Memorial Prize – Max Shin
Title: Higher rates of Dialysis and Subsequent Mortality in the New Allocation Era for Heart Transplants

ITMAT Prize for Clinical/Translational Research – Rishi Goel
Title: Efficient recall of Omicron-reactive B cell memory after a third dose of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine

John G. Clark Prize – Ryan Boe
Title: Allelic correlation is a marker of trade-offs between barriers to transmission of expression variability and signal responsiveness in genetic networks

John G. Clark Prize – Marc Bornstein
Title: Comprehensive Quantification of Metabolic Flux in Response to Acute Cold Exposure Unveils a Critical Role for Hepatic Gluconeogenesis

John Pryor Award for Trauma Research – William Huffman
Title: Pediatric Fractures Associated with Riding Bicycles: A National Twenty-Year Analysis

John R. Stanley Research Prize for Dermatology – Jordan Harris
Title: Microbially-induced transgenerational epigenetic inheritance via the immune system regulates barrier function

Jonathan Rhoads Prize for Surgical Scholarship – Austin Cao
Title: Current practices in endotracheal tube size selection for adults

Jonathan Rhoads Prize for Surgical Scholarship – Adora Moneme
Title: An Observational Study of Primary Care Provider Follow-up and 30-day Readmission Following Emergency General Surgery Admissions

Leonard Davis Institute’s William L. Kissick, MD, DrPH, Health Policy Research Prize – Zach Templeton
Title: The Effects of Nursing Home Specialization in Post-Acute Care

Marc Levine Radiology Research Award – Rajiv Deshpande
Title: Metabolism of Oxygen via T2 and Interleaved Velocity Encoding: a Rapid Method to Quantify Whole-Brain Cerebral Metabolic Rate of Oxygen (Magn. Reson. Med. 2022;88:1229-1243).

Mary Ellis Bell Prize – Omar Ani
Title: Decoupling peptide binding from T cell receptor recognition with engineered chimeric MHC-I molecules

Mary Ellis Bell Prize – Andrew Lin
Title: Electroformed Inverse-Opal Nanostructures for Surface-Marker-Specific Isolation of Extracellular Vesicles Directly from Complex Media

Mary Ellis Bell Prize – Garrett Santini
Title: An atlas of lamina-associated chromatin across twelve human cell types reveals an intermediate chromatin subtype

Neurosurgery Research Prize – Austin Borja
Title: “July Effect” in Spinal Fusions: A Coarsened Exact Matched Analysis

O. H. Perry Pepper Prize – Bridget Gosis
Title: Inhibition of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in mice by selective inhibition of mTORC1

O. H. Perry Pepper Prize – David Hsu
Title: Prevalence of novel Sjögren's antibodies in a prospective cohort of dry eye patients

Orthopaedic Research Prize – Lori Jia
Title: Presentation and Management of the Pediatric Trigger Finger: A Multicenter Retrospective Cohort Study

Pediatric Research Prize – Sara Briker
Title: Association between extreme heat and externalizing symptoms in pre- and early adolescence: Findings from the ABCD Study

Pediatric Research Prize – Sabrina Gonzalez
Title: Understanding Pediatricians’ Advocacy for Well-Being, Diversity, and Inclusion Through Reach Out and Read

Peterman-Arnold Award for Endocrinology – Kristen Wolfgang
Title: The association between sexual orientation, BMI, obesity diagnosis, and provider recommendation for weight management

Pulmonary Research Prize – Clayton Otter
Title: Infection of primary nasal epithelial cells differentiates among lethal and seasonal human

Renal Research Prize – Yonatan Babore
Title: End-Stage Renal Disease and Risk of Major Adverse Limb Events Following Peripheral Vascular Intervention

Richard K. Root Prize for Infectious Disease Research – Monica Wei
Title: Harnessing diversity and antagonism within the pig skin microbiota to identify novel mediators of colonization resistance to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Richard K. Root Prize for Infectious Disease Research – Jenna Zhang
Title: Yersinia Type III-Secreted Effectors Subvert Caspase-1 4-dependent Inflammasome Activation in Human Cells

Robert M. Toll Prize – Patrick Sockler
Title: Cognitive function and academic achievement in children with early childhood atopic dermatitis

Rose Meadow Levinson Memorial Prize – Benjamin Frost
Title: Pathogenicity and Impact of HLA Class I Alleles in Aplastic Anemia Patients of Different

Roy G. Williams Award – Daniel Akuma
Title: Noncanonical inflammasome assembly requires caspase-11 catalytic activity and intramolecular autoprocessing

Roy G. Williams Award – Nicolette Johnson
Title: Autophagic state prospectively identifies facultative stem cells in the intestinal epithelium

Stuart L. Fine Ophthalmology Medical Student Research Prize – Emily Lawrence
Title: Topical and Systemic GLP-1R Agonist Administration both Rescue Retinal Ganglion Cells in Hypertensive Glaucoma

The Masters of Science in Health Policy Research Medical Student Award in Innovation & Implementation Research – Sarah Kim
Title: Evaluating Ethical Claims in Pharmaceutical Industry Arguments Regarding Drug Pricing

The Masters of Science in Health Policy Research Medical Student Award in Innovation & Implementation Research – Praneeth Thota
Title: Evaluating the Social Impact of a Proposed Orthopedic Center of Excellence in Northern Tanzania: A Novel Use of the Impact Multiple of Money Methodology