Research Paper Prize Competition


You are invited to submit a paper describing any research you have done during your time as a student in the Penn MD or MD/PhD program for consideration by the Medical Student Research Prize faculty committee. Research in any field related to medicine is acceptable.

NOTE: Once a student receives one of these awards, he or she is not eligible for the competition in future years.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Papers may be published or unpublished
  • There is no required format / layout for the paper
  • Review articles may NOT be submitted
  • Meta-analyses/Meta-regressions ARE accepted
  • Students may submit ONLY ONE PAPER for consideration
  • No more than two people listed as co-first authors

In addition to the paper you must also submit:

  • A title page indicating your name, title of paper, mentor name, and year in medical school
  • If you are not the first author, please provide a short, separate description of your participation in the research
  • A brief letter of reference from your mentor indicating your role on the project (This may be in the form of a letter addressed "Dear Selection Committee Members.")
    • This letter is the same as a recommendation letter, but with emphasis on the research and any additional, relevant information the mentor(s) would like to include.

It is preferred that you combine your materials in one pdf document in the following order:

  1. Title page
  2. If not first author, short description of research
  3. mentor letter
  4. paper

Please submit your paper via email to David Bittner at

For more information, check out the tentative list of prizes. Please note that this list is provided only to give you a sense of the number and range of prizes. Students are NOT expected to specify that they would like to be considered for a particular award.

Awards will be announced in mid-late March.

If you have questions about the Research Prize contest, please contact David Bittner.