Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Blackwell Society

The Elizabeth Blackwell Society seeks to inspire, empower, and connect women in medicine. EBS is a student run group dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of women in medicine, addressing the unique lifestyles women in medicine face, and fostering relationships between faculty and students.

We seek to:

  • Be inclusive to all; we aspire to not be only for women in medicine, but for people who have an interest in situations unique to women in medicine.
  • Promote the academic, personal, and professional growth of women in medicine.
  • Establish a cohesive, supportive network of women at Penn Medicine (and all other Penn Healthcare institutions) by facilitating camaraderie between women in all stages of their healthcare career in both structured and informal settings.
  • Develop women as professional leaders by sponsoring workshops and seminars on professional development and leadership.
  • Promote women as leaders of community outreach by organizing community service projects that promote women’s health.
  • Collaborate with men and people of all gender identities in accomplishing these goals.

To learn more about EBS and keep up to date on EBS events, visit:

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EBS Board 2014:

Coordinator Chair: Lauren Miller,
Mentorship Chair: Tawnee Sparling,
Diversity Chair: Jenna Klubnick,
Community Outreach Chair: Christy Marcaccio,
Education Chair: Katie Paolucci,

EBS Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Rachel Kelz
Dr. Helen Davies