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About Us

Who We Are:

Flag Football for the Kids (FFK) is a state-licensed non-profit organization founded in Philadelphia by medical students from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. We are based on the tenets of promoting lifelong fitness, sportsmanship, and charity. Our mission is specifically directed towards helping children who are not able to participate fully in athletics due to congenital or acquired medical diseases or disorders, using as a vehicle, the enthusiasm, team-spirit, and sense of community that are inherent to the game of flag football. Through various fundraising events, we aim to accomplish these goals.

Our Mission is:

  1. to provide the excitement and experience of sports to children with medical diseases/disorders, and
  2. to raise money to support their medical costs and research towards cures.

For our past charitable donations, please follow this link: Donations.



If you would like to contact FFK, please feel free to e-mail us (Michael Shumski and Matthew Elias): flag.football.for.the.kids@gmail.com